10 Exciting Things You Cannot Afford to Miss in Aruba

ArubaOne of the four countries that make the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Aruba is a tiny Caribbean island just 15 miles north of the Venezuelan coast and what makes it so special is its warm, dry and sunny climate, miles of beaches with silky sand, the best infrastructure and a lovely capital, Oranjestad! If you are looking for fun with the sun, beaches, animals and birds, casinos and live music, you cannot afford to miss Aruba.

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Once you book their service, make sure you have the following sights on their itinerary to make the most of your holiday.

1. Antilla Wreck

You cannot afford to skip diving when you’re in Aruba and one of the most amazing diving sites is the Antilla Wreck, a US Navy ship from WWII named USS Antilla that was sunk close to Malmok Beach. Although the 400ft wreck is lying on one side in around 60ft of water, snorkelers can see its bow, mast and forward deck. It’s amazing to see the coral and other marine creatures that have taken shelter here; but just beware of the choppy and strong currents.

Aruba snorkeling crab

2. Eagle Beach

When you are in Aruba, you are quite likely to stay nearby the famous Eagle Beach, known for its low-to-the-ground timeshares and hotels and hence named “Low-Rise Area”. But while it’s quite convenient to reach Eagle Beach, it’s also one of the best places on the island where you should spend a day. However, protect yourself from high winds and flying sand. You can rent watersports gear or enjoy a sunset cruise on a catamaran. Or meet the amazing wildlife or just relax!

Aruba iguana

3. Palm Beach

A spectacular beach with tranquil waters wherein you can enjoy swimming rather than water-sporting is on the west coast of the country, just above Eagle Beach and its name is Palm Beach. You may wonder whether to praise the clearest and bluest waters here or the white silky sand or the stunning sunset or the numerous Tiki bars. Palm Beach is called “High-Rise Area” and hosts some of the world-famous resorts and casinos including Hilton, Hyatt and Aruba Marriott.

Aruba Palm Beach sunset

4. Natural Pool

This fantastic pool has been formed from a powerful wave action that has created a natural depression into a coastal ridge made of limestone. It’s surrounded by rocks that break the waves crashing from all directions and allow you to enjoy a peaceful, natural, cooling dip! Don’t forget your snorkeling mask and interact with the fish that hide here. Taking water shoes with you is also advisable to save yourself from the sharp rocks.

5. Arikok National Park

It’s a sheer pleasure to watch the diverse wildlife of Aruba that you’ll easily meet in the Arikok National Park. You can see parakeets, whiptail lizards, rattlesnakes, donkeys, goats, numerous iguanas and colorful migratory birds. And if you are not very much into animals, enjoy the natural beauty of limestone cliffs, sand dunes and caves, or a cool dip in the Natural Pool, that fall within the Park’s premises. Your BookItVicky concierge will prefer taking you there in a four-wheel vehicle as it’s the only way to access some of the most amazing attractions here. But they will also recommend you to hike to some spots.

Aruba Arikok National Park rattlesnake

6. Donkey Sanctuary

Donkeys on the island of Aruba represent a slice of history when they were first brought on the island by the Spaniards but later were abandoned as they were not required on farms any longer. Since the number of automobiles too increased in the country, they no longer remained useful even to pull carts. But now these adorable creatures have got a shelter in the form of this sanctuary where they are well taken care of and loved.

7. Aruba Ostrich Farm

Ostrich is an interesting bird that doesn’t fly away but runs away from difficult situations or to chase other creatures. This hefty-looking, world’s largest bird runs at an incredibly fast speed and gives a unique call. Just as its size, its eggs too are largest in the world. And its feet have only two toes each. These and many other interesting facts can be learned in the Aruba Ostrich Farm on the eastern coast of the country. Also you’ll learn about the survival instincts as well as mannerism of ostriches and even emus that reside at the farm. You can go close to them and interact with them. It’s recommended to carry an umbrella with you for shade as you won’t get one on the farm.

Aruba Ostrich Farm

8. Pinchos

If you are willing to visit a romantic place, it surely is Pinchos! This superb restaurant is set on a pier that juts into the sea and is surrounded by lapping waves and twinkling stars! It’s absolutely unforgettable to relish the fresh luscious seafood, hearty steaks, maple bourbon barbecue skewer or pan-seared grouper accompanied by apricot-ginger sauce, while surrounded by the nature’s most beautiful representatives.

9. Baby Beach

If you have kids with you, you should have the Baby Beach on your itinerary. Southeast to San Nicolas, Baby Beach has easy waves and shallow waters. While kids will have fun in the water, you can snorkel near the beach’s rocky left side. But remember that there are no restrooms. There are plenty of small snack shops. You can even rent cabanas and beach chairs. Shade huts are available for free.

Aruba Baby Beach

10. Nightlife

If you are a party animal, music fan or casino crazy, Aruba has a lot to give you. Your BookItVicky concierge service will plan your itinerary to include the full enjoyment of Aruba nightlife that you will never forget. Hop through the numerous exciting casinos, live music concerts and beachfront lounges, sipping cocktails, dancing, chatting and gambling till the next day’s sunrise. Here you can see the seaside bars meeting the coast in Oranjestad. Not to mention, the weekly Carnivals that will make your life even more fun!

All in all, if you want to enjoy life to the fullest, come to Aruba. It’s calling you with open arms!

Oranjestad Aruba

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