12 Amazing Things to Do in Costa Blanca

The name Costa Blanca evokes a magical feeling in any tourist wishing to have a fun and relaxed holiday on beaches, in the company of soft sands, cool sea breeze, swaying palms and an altogether delightful environment. As such, Costa Blanca is famous for its awesome beaches most of which are Blue Flagged denoting cleanliness and safe swimming. But this wonderful place has got numerous other attractions too. Of course, its beaches are splendid, but if you explore the city for its other attractions, like its mountains, old villages and towns with narrow medieval streets, relaxing bars and restaurants and a wonderful climate throughout the year, you will enjoy even more! In this Costa Blanca travel guide we are enlisting only some of those attractions, plus we will enlist some of the worth-mentioning beaches too.

What’s special about Costa Blanca is you can even go inland to enjoy the “real” traditional Spain and you can also stay on the coast to enjoy the vibrant nightlife of the tourist resorts like Benidorm, and you can even access small, sleepy fishing villages, just a short distance from the towns to enjoy some calm and quiet!

1. Fort of Alicante

Alicante was famous for its beach. But it shed that skin long back. Though its Blue Flag beaches are its pride, today the city is more famous for numerous other attractions, the major amongst which is the Castell de Santa Barbara which is the most popular sight amongst tourists and locals alike. The 9th century castle adorns the city’s skyline majestically. It served as a key defense of the Iberian Peninsula.

alicante castle

alicante castle at night

2. Guadalest

Guadalest is a miraculous village, defying gravity! Just 30 minute drive from Benidorm, Guadalest is set atop a sheer cliff. This was an important military outpost back in the 8th century. Today its picturesque streets are full of lace shops, pavement cafés and museums!

3. Les Marines Volleyball Court

In the north of Denia, there is this Blue Flag accredited stretch of clean and clear sands. It has all sorts of trimmings such as showers, parasols and sun-loungers. The beach is full of sports – book a pedalo and head out to the sea or enjoy a game on the volleyball pitch.

4. Elche

Just 25 minutes from Alicante, Elche is a place which welcomes you with thorns! But these thorns are as beautiful as flowers. Elche is famous for its botanical gardens which are full of a variety of cacti and palms. The plants here are not just the average sort. Some cacti seem more like watermelons and some specialized palms appear like candelabras!

But Elche has something more! It has a mind-blowing reservoir and its waterfall which you should not miss!

elche reservoir

elche reservoir waterfall

Elche has other must-see sights too, like the Town Hall, Palm Grove (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), Palm Museum, Water Museum, and more.

town hall elche

palm grove elche

elche palm museum

elche water museum

5. Malpas Beach

Just next the town center of Benidorm, Malpas is a fantastic beach which proves the old saying “bigger is not always the better”. This is one of the smallest stretches of Benidorm, yet it is quite serene compared to its neighbors. Moreover it has the charming backdrop of the Castle cliffs.

6. Mundomar

Mundomar is on the outskirts of Benidorm where you can enjoy hands-on experience with animals! This is a marvelous nature park and you can swim here with sea lions, get intimate with dolphins and even become a trainer for a day! Enjoy the feeding times which are interactive too. Trays of fish are on sale to feed the penguins.

mundomar benidorm

7. Aqualandia

Aqualandia Waterpark in Benidorm appears like a gigantic chemistry lab with its giant multicolored tubes and chutes. Black Hole and Kamikaze are also included in the white knuckle-rides here. But you should not miss the Big Bang ride, which is the highest waterslide of Europe and drops you down with aplomb! There is also a wave pool, a jungle pool and a lazy river where you can enjoy a swim through waterfalls.


8. Terra Mitica

Rivaling with the Torpe Park or Alton Towers is the Terra Mitica of Benidorm. The theme park’s white-knuckle rides include the Synkope, a metronome-style ride which swings you in the air at the speed of 80 miles per hour! Another mind-blowing ride is the Flight of the Phoenix which freefalls from 54 meters in the air!


9. Villajoyosa

Come to a holiday and not indulging your taste buds? That’s not fair! But no worries, Costa Blanca has enough to cuddle your gustatory gamut – one of the major being Villajoyosa, a beacon for fishermen in the Medieval times. Its specialty was the houses on the waterfront discernible from out in the sea because of their sweet-shop colors. Today the town has become a tourists’ attraction because of the chocolate shops and chocolate museum! You can drive here in 20 minutes from Benidorm.

chocolate museum

fishermen's houses in villajoyosa

10. Serra Gelada

Serra Gelada literally means “Ice Mountain” which is an astounding natural park, just a short drive from Benidorm. A rugged town on the coast rising over 300 meters above Benidorm, Altea and Alfas del Pi. You should not miss visiting this town for numerous reasons: firstly for the tranquility it offers, and plus, the splendid natural beauty, fresh air and the breathtaking views of the entire Eastern Spain!

Adventure-lovers (and very fit people) can climb the mountain on foot in about a couple of hours. But you can access the mountain top by various other means too, like 4×4 jeep after which you can cycle back, which of course doesn’t involve a great pedal power.

11. Calpe

Don’t miss this amazing seaside town dominated by a huge rugged outcrop named “pennon de lfach” resembling much to the rock of Gibraltar, but is smaller in size.

The sleepy streets, relaxed tapas bars and 2 beautiful churches are sure to charm you and also the atmosphere offers you a refuge from the scorching summer heat. The lovely churches are close to each other and are named the Iglesia de la Senora de las Nieves and the Iglesia Antigua.

12. Valencia

If you have comfortably arranged a car and driving is not a problem, why not head a little further to explore the famous Valencia? It is just an hour and 40 minutes north of Benidorm and you should not actually miss it. There are so many spots of attractions around the town, including a museum, 3D cinema, opera house and a huge aquarium.

museum villena

santa pola aquarium valencia

I am sure that the description of only these many places is enough to evoke a strong urge in you to visit Costa Blanca. And if you want to know more of the charm and delight Costa Blanca has to offer, visit CostaBlancaDirectory.es. This website is meant for Costa Blanca tourists as well as locals and provides them the interesting places and also places of business from the region.

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