3 Amazing Digital Detox Vacation Tips You can Try to See Positive Changes

creative retreatsNowadays, it’s getting increasingly hard to differentiate your online life and real life. The bare thought of being disconnected is unimaginable. However, from time to time, we want to relax, look away from the screens and talk about “the good old times” when there were no mobile phones, laptops, applications and hundreds of emails which take up most of our leisure time now. The best thing to do in such situations would be to go on a vacation where you can detox yourself from your digital life. These are some easy steps you can take and unwind in a world you already live in when you decide to take a trip to an exotic destination.

1) Analogue Catalogue

Make one when you find the time! There are surely some things you’d like to do, but you never find the time. Make this trip all about you and your needs, be it reading, drawing or even yoga! Any of these things, when experienced on a wonderful location you’ve chosen will contribute to creating a different, relaxed mental state. When you catch yourself scrolling, open up your catalogue and turn off the remaining screens around you.

2) Leave your Charger

If you opt for a weekend off or a short trip, forget your charger at home on purpose. When you have a limited battery life, you will automatically re-evaluate how you spend it. When you keep it in airplane mode, you surely won’t use it as often. Of course, your phone may turn off at some point but as you explore more and more creative retreats on your vacation, you’ll love being away from your device!

3) Phone Stack Hack

While travelling in a group with your family, friends or colleagues, you may propose this trick to the group. It’s a common habit for people to take their phone out and depart from the group to check it out. When all will come together, e.g. at dinner, declare that everyone should stack their phone in the middle of the table during the entire meal, so that no one can check her/his mobile. To start with, do it for a half an hour and advance the time limit later. You can make this even more fun with putting a condition like the person who will first try to reach out for his phone will have to buy a round of ice creams. The group will become closer this way and you’ll enjoy each other’s company more.

These are some easy tips to help you overcome the burdens of modern digital life. It may seem extremely mundane, but after you try them out you’ll notice the positive signs of change. As your life is detoxed from digital clutter while travelling, you may develop some healthy habits you can keep when you come back home!

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