3 Important Factors to Consider while Choosing the Best Bali Villa Rental

luxury Ubud villa rentalWhen you want to enjoy a vacation in Bali to the fullest, booking a villa for your accommodation is perhaps the best option. Bali villas are luxurious and provide every amenity for your comfort because of which your stay on this lovely island becomes even more pleasurable. However, before you book a villa for your dream vacation, there are certain points you should consider. Here they are.

1. What is Most Important for You?


Every person and every traveler is different and has different needs. Before starting the search of your villa rental, ask yourself a few basic questions like:


  • What do you prefer – comfort or adventure?
  • Would you prefer a non-standardized villa without a big hospitality brand behind it?
  • What is important for you – a big name with a hefty price or a local villa management who offer an accommodation as luxurious as that by the big names but without a hefty price tag?


Once you decide the answers, start looking for a Bali villa rental.


2. Standalone Villas and Villas within a Hotel


There are two types of villas – standalone and villas within a hotel.

A standalone villa is less expensive and has basic facilities. Mostly it doesn’t have 24-hour security while a villa within a hotel is more expensive but have all the services at your fingertips. It also has 24-hour security.


3. How to Identify a Best Villa Rental?


There are thousands of properties in Bali that have villas to rent to vacationers. So, finding the best one is not an easy job.

Bali has numerous areas having various themes. You can get a great range of choice among all these on Bali Villas resort.

Seminyak: Seminyak is a lifestyle and fashion capital of Southeast Asia. It’s full of chic restaurants, pristine beaches and fashionable tourists. Villas here offer great service, private pools and sleek interiors, and are overall ‘hip’.

Kuta: Kuta is right for you if you are looking for hardcore partying and being close to the beach.

Uluwatu: If you are looking for sexy beaches and surfing, Uluwatu is for you. Villas here should be near the beach or should offer an ocean view. Look especially for cliff-front villas or surfer bungalows for that truly local feel.

Ubud: This is the best location for enjoying the Balinese culture and breathtaking nature. It’s also known for yoga and spa, so make sure you get some yoga lessons and Balinese massage. There are some amazing villas set on the rim of rainforest canyons or rice paddies. This is great if you want to enjoy a slice of authentic Balinese hospitality and family environment.

And there are many more. Based on these criteria, you can find the best villa that will make your vacation truly unforgettable.

luxury Ubud villa rental

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