3 Important Reasons Why You Should Choose a Car Rental in Cancun

cancun car rentalIf you have chosen Cancun for this vacation, it’s a great choice. But while planning for moving around, renting a car is also a great choice. Some of you may feel that it’s unnecessary. So, here are some facts with which you’ll realize why renting a car in Cancun can offer you full value of your trip.

1. Limited Transportation from Resorts

Cancun is mainly famous for its all-inclusive resorts which offer packages that are loaded with awesome features, amenities, food and drinks, activities and entertainment. However, such all-inclusive resorts have limited transportation options. If you have planned not to leave the resort and stay in for the entire time, you may not find it a problem. But unless yours is an unlimited eating and drinking plan, rates for each cereza and margarita will be sky high. Also, you will find some of the best food, drinks and interactions away from the hotel. So, at some or the other point, you’ll need to get out and take a different experience.

Although some resorts offer shuttle services to popular touristic areas, the options and distances are limited and often inconvenient. You don’t really get freedom to explore places as per your wish.

When you really want to experience something different, explore some unique markets and taste some amazing and cheap local food, taxis and local transportation can make it difficult for you to navigate, while a car rental is far more convenient.

2. It’s Fun to Come Out of the Hotel Zone

Several of the famous Cancun hotels are in the Hotel Zone which is a narrow strip of land which extends out and circles back to the mainland. There is the ocean on its one side and a lagoon on the other. This is really beautiful and enchanting, for sure. Even you’ll easily find equipment rental for all water sports here. However, there is much more beyond it. If you really want to have fun, you should experience the local shopping, historic sites and culture, and for that you should get out of the Hotel Zone. This is where Cancun car rental can help you out.

3. Public Transportation Takes Longer to Get Around

Cancun public transportation is easily available though you have to be ready for a bumpy, non-AC ride. Moreover, without at least a little Spanish it will be a bit difficult for you to navigate. But the main downside is that the public transportation takes much longer to take you to your desired destination. The other option is cab, but they are expensive. So, for visiting far-flung attractions, car rental is the most viable option.

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