4 Great Tips for Choosing Perfect Shoes for Travel

perfect travel shoes at KicksvovoHave you experienced biting shoes? If yes, you know how it sucks! A biting shoe doesn’t let us enjoy any, means anything. We are totally focused at the wound on the foot which is swollen, becomes tender and irritating, holds puss, etc, etc. In short, the pain is unbearable. Naturally, when you are on a holiday, you won’t want a biting shoe. Therefore you should choose your traveling shoes carefully, so as to enjoy your travel to the fullest. I recommend you to take a look at the highest quality Air Jordans at Kicksvovo too, to find the shoes of your dreams. Here are some tips on which shoes you should prefer for your holidays.

1. Comfort is the King

As mentioned earlier, you cannot enjoy your holidays if your feet are aching, sore and paining due to a shoe bite. Therefore while shopping for your travel shoes, give prime importance to a pair which offers utmost comfort to your feet. You should be confident that you could walk for hours at a time wearing those shoes. No doubt, fashion is your main criterion on other occasions; but for travel shoes it should be replaced by comfort.

2. Versatility

If you believe in or have been told that you should pack light, you have to carry minimum number of pairs on your trip. This means that the pair you would be carrying, should be able to do a number of jobs for you. If there are activities like hiking, walking on beach, treading jungle paths, etc included in your travel, choose a pair which can be your trusted companion in all these ventures. Ideally you can carry 2 to 3 pairs, of which one you will be wearing and one among the other two would be house shoes. All these pairs should be versatile enough to perform each other’s duties.

3. Consider the Activities

This is in connection with the above tip that your shoes should be versatile. But know beforehand what activities you will get to perform in the travel. If there is no beach at your holiday destination, there is no point in taking “beachy” flip-flops with you and if there are no mountains there, carrying hiking shoes is a waste of time and energy. So, choose shoes according to the activities you would perform on your holiday.

4. Shoes for Extended Holidays

If you are going on an extended holiday like a gap year, digital nomad, etc, you can carry more number of pairs with you. But extended travel has an advantage of getting aware of your destination very well and then you can buy shoes and clothes at the destination itself.

Follow these tips about choosing perfect shoes and enjoy your travel to your heart’s content.

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