4 Important Backpacking Tips for Traveling Easily, Correctly and Happily

backpacking tipsHave you been planning to be a backpacker for long, yet wondering from where to start? Well, if you are a usual traveler, you may prep for your travel weeks before. But once you become an ardent backpacker, you will choose a destination, book a cheap flight, pack just before the departure and there you go! So, where to start? Here are a few tips to help you out.

1. Choose an Easy Country to Start with

This is important if you are a beginner. Easy countries include Thailand, Australia and the likes where thousands of backpackers flock every year and these countries have a great infrastructure. Even you won’t have to suffer culture shocks. Read posts of Pinoy Backpacker to get tips on traveling to various destinations and you can find a destination most suitable to you.

2. Find Cheap Flights

Finding cheap flights is not as difficult as you may think. You should just practice where to find them. When tickets are offered by various traveling sites, an easy way to ensure is to visit the airline and check the prices. If you can adjust your schedule, you can keep checking flights every month and choose the cheapest one. This way, you can get your hands on some great bargains.

3. Packing a Backpack

Before becoming a hardcore backpacker, you may be in the habit of packing weeks before and carrying a lot of things, even the unnecessary stuff. But you have to learn how to pack light and comfortable. Here are some tips:

  • Divide the backpack into bottom zone, core zone and top zone.
  • Bottom zone will be for bulky items and gear you won’t need until you reach the destination, e.g. sleeping bag and pad, layers like long underwear, down booties etc.
  • Core zone will be for heavier, denser items, like food stash, stove, cook kit, bear canister, etc.
  • Top zone will be for things you will need during travel e.g. insulated jacket, rain jacket, water filter or purifier, first-aid kit, toiletries etc.
  • Plus there will be accessory pockets for things you will need often or urgently such as lip balm, GPS, sunscreen, bug repellent, map, compass, snacks, headlamp, water bottles, sunglasses and so on.

4. Go to the Correct Airport

This may sound a no-brainer. But you will have to remember that some cities have multiple airports, e.g. an international airport and another for LCCs (Low Cost Carriers). Do your research first and decide which airport you have to go to.

Follow these tips and start traveling easily, correctly and happily!

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