5 Awesome Jobs for Travel-lovers

awesome jobs for travel-loversAre you sad because you love to travel but don’t have an enough budget? This problem has a fantastic solution – take a job in which you will get a chance to travel! This way, you won’t have to spend for your travel; on the contrary, your employer will give you money, which means you will earn instead of spending! Isn’t it a wonderful idea? If you are interested to know which these jobs are, here they are.

1. Airline Pilot

No doubt, you will have to do a lot of hard work and achieve great skills to become an airline pilot. But once you become one, you will be showered with benefits and perks that hardly any other job might be getting. First of all, you can enjoy your first love, travel, as much as you ever wanted, not only for free, but you will get salary for that, while doing your job! Plus, you will get massive discounts on your personal travel, personal car rentals, hotel rooms and more. And these benefits are extended to family members too. On Airline Pilot travel blog, you can read exquisite travel accounts by an airline pilot to make you realize how lucrative this job is.

2. Foreign Service

Working for the Foreign Service or an intergovernmental organization (IGO) is another job that will give you the chance of extensive traveling. This job too needs a lot of hard work. You will have to attain high educational qualification and/or knowledge of foreign languages.

3. Work on a Cruise/Yacht

This is a fantastic way of traveling throughout the world while making money. You get food, room, transportation as well as insurance, all for free. Even a lot of vacation time is provided by many jobs to travel on your own. Various positions are available such as deck-hand, tour manager, chef, engineer, entertainment manager, and so on.

4. Tour Guide

A tour guide’s job for an international company lets you choose between traveling to a single destination and multi-destination tours. Or you can start your own travel company if you are enterprising enough. While if you work for others, you will get a salary, starting your own company will need you to make a starting investment though later you can cover it with your profits. However, both way, you will need to do a lot of hard work here too.

5. Au Pair

This job is perfect for those who love children and have no status issues for working as a nanny. Au pair is a live-in nanny or babysitter hired by a family to look after their children, teach them a new language and help with some household chores in exchange of money, food and accommodation. This way you can live in a foreign country, experience the new culture first-hand and learn a new language while earning, instead of having to spend for your travel.

So, are you feeling encouraged now as you learn that you can travel and earn? What are you waiting for? Choose a suitable profession and head out for your world tour!

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