5 Awesome Tips to Make Travelling with Children Fun

travelling with kidsIf you were an ardent traveller before your marriage and getting kids, you cannot stay away from travel even in the role of a parent. Heck, what’s the big deal in taking your kids with you? There is a solution to every problem. Yes, it is indeed. Here are some tips so that you can enjoy your travel with your children just as you did without them.

1. Go Slow


You might be in a habit of covering as many sights as you can on a trip. But understand that now you have your children with you. So, go slow. It’s not good either for you to drag yourself to another place hastily just when you have started enjoying a place. Imagine what would be the impact on the kids. Let them enjoy thoroughly and you enjoy too. This way you may cover fewer places but you and the kids will enjoy them in full.


2. Divide Works


If you are travelling with your spouse or other people, hand jobs to them while planning the travel. This way, it will be less stressful for everyone. You can divide the luggage to carry, and jobs like buying some items, looking after every kid, etc. Of course, it’s better to do the job of taking care of your children yourself or hand it to your spouse, rather than any other person.


3. Prepare for Special Needs


Children may have some special needs or allergies or any other medical problem. In that case, carry all the medications and other resources helpful in managing those conditions. Take them to the doctor before leaving.


4. Look for Deals


Many hotels encourage travelling with children by offering family deals which include discounted prices, free meals for children and more. Many guesthouses and hotels offer breakfasts. However, unless it’s included in the room price it’s a waste because children often eat only a little of it. So, if breakfast isn’t included, ask for ‘complimentary’ ones for kids. Or else, you can carry something to munch on for the first day and later buy a simple breakfast to have in your room.


5. Bring Plenty of Attractions


If your child is too young to distract herself, bring a number of small toys, stickers, puzzles, magnets, games and colouring books for her. Once you board the flight, don’t empty all of them before her. Give her one at a time and let her play with it until she wants a new one. Take care of not bringing noise-making toys for the sake of fellow-travellers.

And last but not the least, don’t get stressed up; taking your children on a trip is fun and should be considered so. If you are fully in a mood, your children will enjoy the trip and so will you.

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