5 Charming Things to Do in Tangier

TangierKnown as the Europeans’ gateway to Africa since Phoenician times, the Moroccan city of Tangier stands ashore the Strait of Gibraltar and is full of historical charm, clean beaches and lovely vistas. Accessing Tangier is super easy courtesy to the frequent ferry trips every day from Europe and several cruise ships sailing between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean that typically include Tangier as a port of call. So, you shouldn’t miss an opportunity to visit this quaint city if you get one. Here are some outstanding things you can do at Tangier.

1. Kasbah

If you want to get lost in an old-worldly atmosphere, make your way through the lovely Bab Haha gate and roam around on the cobbled alleys of the Kasbah. Here you will find the renowned 17th century palace, located off the Place du Menchoar and now converted to a museum, displaying interesting relics ranging from the Stone Age to the 20th century. Get to the top of the Kasbah to take breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

Chefchaoen Medina Tangier shore excursion

2. Tangier Excursions

Tangier excursions are charming trips to various places in Tangier including Cap Spartel (known for its lighthouse), ancient Kasbah and the labyrinthine streets in the Medina, Hercules Caves, Mandoubia garden, cafés at Boulevard de France in the new city, Rif Mountains, Chaouen, Ras Elma, and more. Half day (4 to 5 hours) and full day (8 to 12 hours) excursions are available.

Tangier lighthouse Tangier shore excursion

3. Grande Mosquee of Tangier

This was formerly a Roman temple till the 5th century following which when the Portuguese conquered the region it was transformed into a cathedral and during the 8th century it was converted to a mosque. Then again it was converted to a church and again to a mosque. These conversions have left interesting architectural features in the mosque.

4. St. Andrew’s Church

A gift from King Hassan I of Morocco, the 1905 St. Andrew’s Church is a great fusion of various architectural styles and even displays Quranic inscriptions on its Moorish interior. It also stands in the direction of Mecca and thus gives an interfaith experience.

5. American Legation Museum

An interesting yet mostly unknown fact is that Morocco was the first nation to identify the USA as a sovereign state following the revolutionary war. The American Legation Museum, located within the Medina, has a quaint 1940s air and features a range of interesting exhibits. Some must-sees are the “Moroccan Mona Lisa” and Paul Bowles.

And there are so many more! If you are charmed enough to read only about these few ones, make a booking and head towards Tangier!

Ras Elma Chefchaouen Tangier shore excursions

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