5 Important Things to Remember for Travel Wedding Photography

travel wedding photgraphy annabel law productionsIf you are planning a destination wedding, it’s a great decision. However, it needs a great planning too. While your wedding planner will take care of the rest of the things, you will need to pay special attention to your wedding photographs. While traveling for your wedding, there is a lot of scope for beautiful wedding photos which is not the case with a traditional wedding. But it also needs some details to consider. You can see some fabulous travel wedding photography Annabel Law Productions has done. Their experts share here some tips on travel wedding photography.

1. Give Time to Portraits

When you are in travel, it’s easy to forget about portraits. But remember that portraits are the most charming part of your wedding memorabilia. So, don’t forget them. Actually, portraits on the breathtaking backdrops at your destination are more beautiful than ever, so, don’t skip them.

2. Check the Local Holidays

Check the local holidays and then plan your schedule for celebration and wedding photography at local attractions or monuments. You will not want that you reach a park or museum at your destination on a day for your photo shoot and it is closed on account of a holiday.

3. Hire a Wedding Planner

Though you may think on cutting your budget, if it’s a destination wedding don’t skimp on a wedding planner. A destination wedding needs a lot of planning and if you want to look fresh in your wedding photos, don’t be stressed up with management of your wedding; let your wedding planner do that and you look fresh and pleasant and be ready for your travel wedding photos.

4. Don’t Forget to Carry Details

You will be far from your home. If you come to know that you have forgotten something very important which you want to capture in your wedding photographs, you can’t send someone to home and get that thing. So, carry all things that are important for you to photograph. Best is to enlist them all and tally the list just before you step out of your home for the destination.

5. Ensure Your Photographer and Makeup- and Hair-artists are Present on Time

If your photographer will be flying to your destination, ensure that s/he travels ahead of time to avoid last minute hassles, like delayed flights etc. If your photographer is based at the destination, ensure that s/he and the hair- and makeup-artists are all present on time to capture the precious getting-ready moments.

Annabel Law Productions strives to help you capture all the happy moments on your big day you want to share with your near and dear ones and treasure for the rest of your life. Visit their site to watch their awesome work.

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