5 Most Amazing Natural Wonders of Las Vegas

Red Canyon, Las VegasWhen we read or hear the words Las Vegas, neon lights, slots, gambling wheels and tables, dance clubs and nude shows dazzle before our eyes. But believe us, Las Vegas has much more to offer to you. This seemingly materialistic city has a great natural beauty, including the world-famous Grand Canyon, that you should enjoy. Here are only a few, though not all, natural wonders of Las Vegas that you will fall for.

1. Spring Mountain Ranch State Park

Perched beneath the lovely mountains, the Spring Mountain Ranch State Park offers stunning views and enchanting hiking trails. In summer, you can also enjoy musical theater and a superb nighttime flashlight trek. If you are a history buff, visit sites like a cemetery, ranch house, two-hole outhouse and blacksmith’s shop. Also enjoy the splendor of Lake Harriet, where you will find ducks and fish and other wildlife like snakes, lizards, mule deer and bighorn sheep.

2. Lake Mead

Lake Mead is one of world’s largest artificial lakes. If you are overloaded by the city’s dazzle, escape to the serenity of this lake within an hour’s drive towards the southeast of the Las Vegas Strip. Take a refreshing swim, have fun with water-ski, take a ride on a boat or kayak, or fish in the crystal clear waters of this lake. Or explore the surrounding area. There are delightful picnic spots, RV campsites as well as three marinas. Or you can also arrange brunch, dinner or a romantic party. You can even get sightseeing cruises.

lake mead, Las Vegas

3. Mount Charleston

Take a 35-mile enchanting drive towards the northwest of Las Vegas and reach Mount Charleston, where you will meet shooting pine trees, pleasant mountain breeze and wildlife like birds, burros, desert tortoises and deer. If you have arrived in Las Vegas in summer, Mount Charleston is an ideal escape from the Vegas heat. While you can enjoy hiking, camping or a picnic in summer, spring or fall, you can also enjoy skiing, snowboarding and sledging in winter.

4. Red Rock Canyon

Deserts too are beautiful! And they look even more beautiful in the shades of red. This amazing desert beauty is just 15 miles westward of the city and is named Red Rock Canyon. These red cliffs are rich with wildlife like rabbits, burros, golden eagles, mountain lions, wild horses, hummingbirds, red tailed hawks, coyotes and bighorn sheep. Enjoy a charming drive through the Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area in an exotic car or muscle car or take mind-blowing photos of the 13-mile scenic loop or hike or ride a horse.

Red Canyon, Las Vegas

5. Valley of Fire

The amazing Valley of Fire is named after its red sandstone and offers astounding views with its age-old natural rock structures. It’s an hour drive north of Las Vegas Strip, this valley is believed to be the oldest state park of Nevada.

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