6 Tips for Booking a Perfect Airport Transfer Service

airport transferBooking an airport transfer service, when you have to catch a flight to another city or country, is anytime more practical than waiting for a vacant cab to arrive. It’s also a must-do when airports are jam-packed with commuters. Fortunately, today it is much simpler to book airport transfer, thanks to the internet and mobile gadgets. For example, airport transfers in Cambridge can be booked easily with the Cambridge-based Origa Cars where you can get excellent chauffeur-driven cars to all major airports in London. Here are a few tips for booking a vehicle for airport transfer.

1. Book from an Accredited and Licensed Company

Booking from an accredited and licensed company, like Origa Cars, always ensures right price and best service. Vehicles of such companies are distinguished because of their color and markings. Booking with them always saves you from falling into any trouble.

2. Save Money and Avoid Hassle by Booking in Advance

Just like you save when you book your flight and hotel early, you also save when you book airport taxi in advance. It also confirms that on the particular date and time you book the taxi, no other customer will be served than you.

3. Read Reviews

You are unsure about the quality of the taxi service until you get inside the taxi. But by reading reviews about the company, you can get an idea how reliable the company is. This gives you a great peace of mind.

4. Read the Terms and Conditions

Read the contract carefully, especially the terms and conditions. Read what their rules are about waiting at the airport or your destination, cancellation, re-booking, refunds, etc.

5. Check if There would not be Any Hidden Charges

You won’t want to be surprised by suddenly popped hidden charges after you have cleared all the payments. Check if they charge extra for taxes, fuel, driver’s premium, etc. Also check if you have to give any tip or it is included in the payment.

6. Choose the Right Vehicle

Origa Cars have a variety of vehicles like Mercedes, Volvo, Audi, Jaguar, Renault and VW Transporter with free Wi-Fi. So, you can choose the right vehicle for your needs, like a larger vehicle if you have lots of luggage and people, or a smaller one if you are traveling alone with a small luggage.

Following these tips will make your airport transfer pleasing and hassle-free. Happy journey!

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