7 Superb Ways to Save Money during Denmark Travel

Denmark travelOne of the many reasons why Denmark is a favorite country of most tourists is that it offers so much in the form of lovely landscapes, lush green nature, pristine beaches, the charming medieval atmosphere, pleasant climate and fun-loving, welcoming people. However, one of its greatest drawbacks may be its expensiveness. As such, all countries in Europe are pricey to travel, but Denmark ranks among the top ones. Naturally if anyone is offering you money-saving tips while traveling in this spectacular country, you will value them. Here are a few.

1. City Tourism Card


If you are interested a lot in sightseeing and visits to all major attractions in Denmark, get one of the city passes that give you discounts and free entry to museums and other attractions. They even offer free transportation.


2. Orange Tickets


The Danish rail system is an awesome way to travel the trains being so comfortable, smooth and timely. You can save on traveling by these trains by buying cheap tickets through their website named “Orange Tickets”. These tickets are available only online and you have to get them printed before boarding the train. They cost you 1/3rd of what you get at the railway stations.


3. Book in Advance


You can save as much as 50% by booking train and bus tickets a month in advance with the major operators, Abildskou and DSB.


4. Cook on Your Own


Eating in Danish restaurants can make you bankrupt and as such you won’t have any heavenly culinary experience. So, it’s better to cook on your own and save money. A week’s grocery cost around 240 Danish krones which is less than a few meals in restaurants combined. If you are dying to eat in restaurants, do it in lunch hours when buffet deals and specials make it reasonable.


5. Eat Street Food


Street foods like sausages, hot dogs and sandwiches are very cheap, i.e. around 27-35 DKK. So, you can save a lot on food if you don’t want to cook.


6. Prefer Couchsurfing


Just like anything else, accommodation is also expensive in Denmark. You can save big by preferring couchsurfing if you don’t mind where you sleep. It’s very popular among the locals and you will get numerous hosts even near the Arctic in small rural communities. However, remember that almost all travelers prefer couchsurfing, so, book well in advance.


7. Refill Your Water Bottle


Rather than buying bottled water, refill your water bottle at public fountains because water in Denmark is absolutely safe and has very high standards.

Thus, you can enjoy this beautiful country even more by saving a lot of money with these tricks. Apply them and have fun!

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