7 Tips to Make Your London Travel an Unforgettable Experience

London travel tipsIf you are planning to travel to London, you might have heard a lot of advices about how to travel there with which you might be overwhelmed. But it’s true that you should know a lot before traveling in this huge city with a lot of places of touristic interest; otherwise, you won’t even know when your holidays ended and will realize that you didn’t see much. Here are a few practical tips with which you can make the most of your London travel.

1. Visit London Business Directory

Any new place is overwhelming for a new visitor there. The first question that comes to mind upon reaching there is where to go. But when it’s about London, you need not worry as London Business Directory is there to help you. London Directory is a directory for businesses and tourist attractions which travelers and tourists can use to find tourism spots and local businesses. From my own experience, I can tell you that London Directory was of immense use to me as it helped me find and shortlist top London museums and I could bookmark them in my personal account dashboard and make notes. I could even find directions to the museums. You can’t imagine how relieving and helpful it was that saved time and eliminated stress for me. As I knew where to go, I could catch just the right transportation and didn’t need to keep finding places and inquiring how to get there. So, don’t forget to visit this site before and during your London travel.


2. Pack According to London Weather


London weather can be very unpredictable; so, don’t forget to check weather forecast beforehand and pack accordingly. Sometimes temperature there can reach even 38°C as I experienced it when I was traveling there! And just after a few days it started raining and became cold! Generally speaking it’s coldest in the month of January and hottest in the month of July, but one really never knows, so be prepared for anything!


3. Visitor Oyster Card


A Visitor Oyster Card can be a godsend for you. You can use it for any type of public transport in London. You just have to tap it while entering and exiting (barring on buses where you just have to tap it while entering, otherwise you’ll be charged two times). No problem if you run out of credit – just top it up at any station. You can also use the card at shops, restaurants and entertainment venues, and get discounted fares.

London public transport

4. Travel in Off Seasons


In London, January and February are off seasons. Not only they offer low crowds, rates at entertainment venues and accommodations are also low. Just like peak seasons, there are peak hours during the day in London and they are between 6:30 am and 9:30 am and between 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm from Monday to Friday. If you travel on the public transports avoiding these hours, you will be charged the much cheaper off-peak rates.


5. Don’t Forget to Book Accommodation Beforehand


No matter, whether it is peak season or off season, tourists keep coming to London and it can be difficult getting accommodation if you plan to find it after arriving here. A friend of mine had a very bad experience when she and her husband had to sleep in a car they had hired because of not getting a hotel. Hence, make it a point to book your hotel at least a few weeks before your arrival.


6. Stay within the London Boroughs


This may seem impractical at first glance but if you give it a deeper thought, you will find that it’s practical. By staying within the London boroughs like Kensington and Chelsea, Westminster, Camden, Hackney, Hammersmith or Southwark, you will be much closer to major attractions of the city and so, you will save a lot on public transportation or taxi, or will save your legs from falling off. You can walk towards them or have to take a short Tube ride. This will save you a lot of travel time which you can use to enjoy doing so many things this city has to offer.

London attractions

7. Prefer Smaller Airports


If you will be flying to London from other parts of the UK or Europe, take benefit of the low-cost airlines such as Easy Jet since they usually fly to airports like Stansted with lower landing fees/taxes. If you come across any difficulty, the above-mentioned London Directory is there to help you out where you can get various services too like immigration lawyers if you need any legal advice.

Follow these tips and your travel to this fabulous city will be an unforgettable experience for you.

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