8 Fantastic Tips to Make Your Cancun Vacation More Exciting

Cancun tips and tricksWant to make Cancun vacation still more exciting? Here are a few tips and tricks for you that will eliminate all potential hitches in your travel and make it smooth and true fun.

1. Get Sunscreen

Sunscreen will act as a lifesaver for you because without it you will get burned in Cancun. You may say why not buy it in Cancun. It’s because you may have to splurge on it.

2. Be Prepared for Delays

There is a special time in Cancun known as Caribbean time or Mexican time! It means if you are told that a certain tour will take 30 minutes, it will surely take 1 hour! Anything estimated to be over in a certain time, will take double the estimated time. Be prepared for this and don’t get frustrated.

Cancun tips and tricks

3. Money Management

You will need pesos in Cancun. Before you set out for Mexico, convert some of your money in pesos or you will need to exchange money at your resort or during Cancun airport transportation or get cash from an ATM. If you are carrying US dollars, the conversion rate is from 12 to 13 pesos per dollar. So, you will need to calculate how much a sombreto or a sundress or a meal costs in dollars so that you can figure out the accurate amount also to tip your servers.

4. Be Immune to Hawkers

The main tourist areas of Cancun are full of hawkers. They will approach you in a friendly manner and are extremely persistent. You will have to say “No gracias” again and again all through the day while being out. This doesn’t mean that you should reject every offer even if you are interested in one. Some of them will offer very good deals indeed. However, before accepting, remember the above-mentioned tip of delays and if you are told that it will take 90 minutes, understand that it will take 3 hours and think if it is worth.

5. Learn Spanish, More

If you think that you can speak fluent Spanish but don’t go beyond “Dos Cervesas, por favor”, work on it before heading to Cancun. Learn some more words and phrases, and brush up pronunciations. This will not only make you enjoy chatting with the locals, but may also get a great service at eateries and other shops and even some free drinks and other favors.

Cancun tips and tricks

6. Prefer Bus to Taxis

Buses in Cancun are far cheaper than taxis and quite easy to use. However, if you want change back, do ask the driver “el cambio”. Most tourists allow the driver to keep the change; so, if you don’t ask, they won’t give you the change back.

7. Go Shopping by Bus

Do you cook yourself at your resort? You will have to shop for groceries then. In that case, take a bus and go shopping. Some buses indicate clearly that they are heading to Walmart because it’s a high-demand shop for tourists that wish to stock up. After shopping if you are loaded with luggage, take a taxi for your return journey.

8. Remember to Ask

You will find staffers in tourist areas appealing to you to check out menus of their restaurants and eager to take you to a table. In that case if you are seeking a meal and some drinks, don’t hesitate to check their menu and ask if they have something special. Almost always they will offer you a free drink or even a 2-for-1 appetizer or special.

Last but not the least, do not get stressed up! Relax and enjoy! You will see while arriving in your Cancun airport transportation that it’s an absolutely adorable destination and you can have an unforgettable vacation here, so have fun!

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