A Broader View – Volunteer Opportunities that will Evoke an Interest in You to Work in Interesting Places

Have you ever considered volunteering abroad? How much does the idea appeal you? Well, if it appeals you a lot, you will certainly go for it; but if it doesn’t, you need to know more about it. It’s because volunteering abroad has numerous advantages, especially to students, not only for making their CV more impressive, but also for becoming a better human, with some true human qualities like compassion, sympathy, great knowledge of different cultures and people, ability to make friends, ability to cope up with difficult situations and a great level of maturity. You just need someone to help you out choose the best program and here an organization like “A Broader View” comes into picture.

A Broader View offers more than 245 overseas voluntary work and study abroad placements in 25 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. The programs include Pre Medical, Medical, Teaching, Environment and Conservation, Orphanages and many more volunteer opportunities!

Countries Where You can Volunteer

Here are countries where you can volunteer:

Central America: Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua

South America: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru

Asia: Cambodia, China, India, Nepal, Vietnam

Africa: Cameron, Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia


A Broader View offers a number of programs under which you can volunteer abroad. Here are only a few of them.

Animal Rescue

Do you believe that animals have equal rights as man to live on this earth happily and peacefully? You should believe that. You need not only work for humans during your gap years – you can work for animals too. Even animals make your personality rich with love and compassion. You can work for the betterment of animals under various programs offered by A Broader View, in places like Cordoba (Argentina), Escazu (Costa Rica), Jaipur and Udaipur (India), Guatemala, Galapagos, Kathmandu (Nepal), Ayacucho (Peru) and more. Volunteers have to understand that they will be trained to work for the nutrition and handling of wild animals, managing native seed bank, conservation, tourism etc. and won’t get any luxury and comfort like the urban areas.

animal welfare program in Galapagos

Children with Special Needs

Working with children, whether regular or special, is always fun! Children are spice of life and if they are in need of help, there’s nothing like extending a helping hand towards them, and in return, you will get something which is invaluable. A Broader View offers various programs for children and adolescents diagnosed with moderate to severe mental disabilities and you will work as occupational therapy assistant which includes participation in gardening and musical moments, manufacturing various wooden objects and accompanying the rides. You can get these volunteer opportunities in places like Cordoba (Argentina), San Jose and Escazu (Costa Rica), Jaipur (India) and Ayacucho (Peru).

working with special children, San Jose

Community Development Building

To take up one of these programs, you should be very strong, physically and mentally. These programs include projects ranging from light manual labor tasks to heavy constructions. You will have to do errands like digging, making bricks from mud, mixing sand, and painting orphanages and schools. You will be led by and work alongside locals and work for the betterment of their communities, by helping to create basic infrastructure, and laying foundation that will enable the locals to continue the development programs even after your return home after your volunteer work is over. You can work in places like Ecuador, India, Nepal, South Africa, Uganda and more.

community development building in Uganda


Volunteer opportunities need not always involve work and work only – it can involve arts, fun and entertainment too! The dance/theater program offered by A Broader View is an example of this. This program is run in Arusha, Tanzania, Africa, where dance is a part of everyday life and deeply rooted in the local culture. Under this program, you can get the opportunity to practice your knowledge by conducting workshops with the Tanzanian dancers. It’s a great opportunity to teach local students and learn about local dances from them.

dance/theater program in Arusha, Tanzania


Another example of volunteer program based on entertainment is the TV/Radio/News or Journalism program run by A Broader View in Cordoba, Argentina. It will be in a Radio belonging to a company that is passionate about promoting the Argentinian Rock culture as well as broadcasting everything associated to local information. Young communication professionals from 19 to 40 lead and organize this program in a friendly, relaxed, yet professional atmosphere.

radio program in Cordoba, Argentina

Sports Coach

This is one more instance of an entertaining volunteering work – working as a sports coach. A Broader View offers this program in Arusha in Tanzania where football (soccer) is a passion for most children but they have to play without basic equipment and proper directions. You can enjoy your gap years by volunteering for football training. Even basic skills are also welcome in the coaching projects.

sports coaching program in Tanzania


A teacher’s job is perhaps the best experience for a student because it teaches them a lot of things regarding education, its difficulties and areas for improvement, offering them a much broader view than before when they had a student’s role to play. English is a global language and various countries around the world have people in need of learning English in order to progress. You will provide the knowledge of English and other subjects to students in rural and urban schools where there is a lack of English-speaking teachers. You will get these volunteer opportunities in places like Livingstone (Zambia), Rwanda, Kenya, Cameron, Hanoi (Vietnam), China, Cambodia, Colombia, Chile and more.

Teaching program in Livingstone, Zambia


Helping people in medical emergencies and rescuing them from difficult situations is a great work because you get the opportunity to actually save people’s lives. A Broader View offers these types of programs in Honduras and Quetzaltenango (Guatemala), under which you can perform rescue activities, transferring patients to hospitals in ambulances, work as firefighters, rescuing people from car accidents, take care of injured people or people having general sickness, and many more.

Paramedical/Rescue program in Guatemala

Elderly Care

A Broader View also offers programs for elderly care if you are interested in this type of work. With age, people become unable to do even daily duties like having a bath, eating, grooming, dressing up, taking medications, and more. They always need someone to help them without being embarrassed and with dignity. A Broader View offers programs to take care of elderly patients as well as pregnant ladies. Programs to take care of children below 5 years of age are also offered. You can work in locations including Cartagena (Colombia), La Serena (Chile), Cusco (Peru), La Ceiba (Honduras), San Jose and Escazu (Costa Rica), Quito North (Ecuador) and more.

Elderly Care program in Chile

And there are still more programs including HIV/AIDS Prevention, Medical + Dental Healthcare, Orphanage/Child Care, Sea Turtle Conservation, Street Kids Youth, Language and Cultural Immersion, Midwifery, Social Welfare Programs, Woman Support, Children Support, Museum Assistance, and many more.

How does A Broader View Help Students?

It’s obvious that the world will undergo drastic changes and huge problems in the near future. Students have the power to reverse these problems and make the world a better place to live in. A Broader View helps students understand global issues like poverty, population explosion, conservation and more, by breaking them into simple terms and taking students to world’s communities where the effects of these problems are seen firsthand. Students can work alongside the locals in these communities trying to make progress against these challenges to bring positive changes and make their gap years more meaningful. A Broader View also offers ample opportunity to students for outdoor adventures and cultural exploration, such as trekking in the Andean highlands in Peru, safari in Tanzania and snorkeling in Honduras. And at the same time, safety of the students is their number one priority.

Watch this video to see what an ABV volunteer wants to say:

How to Volunteer Abroad with A Broader View?

You can take some easy steps to volunteer abroad with A Broader View, including:

  • Explore their programs and locations
  • Browse their fees and inclusions
  • Ask them your questions through phone, email or live chat
  • Choose your favorite program, location and dates
  • Fill out the online application form
  • Check your email within 24-48 hours after applying
  • Before departure, log in to your ABV profile and upload all your paperwork in your ABV account
  • At the volunteer location, you will meet your ABV coordinator
  • Volunteer and enjoy your stay!

What’s Included in the Price?

The fees and prices of A Broader View include airport pick up and drop off, food and accommodation, in-country coordination with staff upon arrival, 24/7 support from local as well as US staff and pre-departure support by email, phone and written orientation guides. Volunteers will also get access to their own custom profile page that provides a range of pre-trip information. Volunteers can track their payment and fundraising activities and update their profiles with passport information, flight details and travel insurance.

Thus even if you were not previously interested in volunteering abroad, the various programs offered by A Broader View will certainly evoke an interest in you to take up one of these programs. So, choose one and go ahead where the world is waiting for you with open arms!

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