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The Africa people and the impressive amalgam of African cultures is perhaps what makes Africa a truly exciting region. Africa has such aAfrica Tours different lifestyle, from the very traditional lifestyle of the Masai and Samburu of Kenya, and the San of Southeast Africa, to the unique Russian lifestyle in the Coast of Southern Africa, the Arabic lifestyle of North Africa countries like Egypt, Libya, North Sudan and Tunisis, to the more westernised cultures in most big Africa cities.

Apart from just being the world’s lowest region, there are many information about Africa that you may find amazing, some beneficial and some not so beneficial.

The Africa Continent in General

Africa is the world’s second greatest region after Asia.

Historians and archaeologists believe there are was the original house of all humanity. Some of the earliest past of man’s ancient forefathers have been found in Eastern and South east Africa.

With 53 separate countries, it is there are with the greatest number of countries

It is the only area exceeded by the Equator, the Tropic of Cancer, and Tropic of Capricorn. Moreover, the Green which Primary Meridian also goes through there are.

The inhabitants of Africa is the second maximum among all the major regions

Man-made structures

Africa is the house of the world’s greatest medical center – the Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto Southeast Africa

Lalibela region in Ethiopia is house to 11 monolithic chachurchespels (churches hewn from a single block of stone) constructed way back in the Twelth century. Probably no other site on the World competitors this.

The Grand Mosque of Djenne in Mali is the world’s greatest mud structure.

African-american is home of the world’s biggest tank (artificial lake) i.e Lake Volta in Ghana. The river recognized after development of the Akosombo dam on the Dark Volta and White-colored Volta rivers.

One of the world’s most important moving of components took position in African-american in the delayed 1960′s when the stone wats or temples of Abu Simbel were moved to a new position to preserve them from being immersed in the Lake that recognized after the Aswan Great Dam was designed.

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