Amusing and Amazing Places To Visit In Jakarta For Your Long Holiday Vacation

JakartaPeople who live outside the Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta must have thought that Jakartans do not have a taste in travelling; because that is the reality. Those people think that Jakarta people live in a big cage while at the same time is pursued by the hustle and bustle of the life. Well, their assumption is not wrong at all, some of us indeed trapped in misery, deluded by the harsh reality for chasing what is so called a “good” life. But probably, they also got half of their assumption wrong since Jakartans are still human and they live as how human beings live. What we mean here is that the Jakarta people still need the things that we call as a consolation. There are indeed many things that represent that solace, but travel destination in Jakarta has never been good as the other cities’, precisely the cities with the busiest activities. The city got plenty, after all. So, here we are going to show you the places to visit in Jakarta that probably you never know before. You will never have a chance to judge this city as you read this further. Here we go!

Let’s put aside the places like National Monument or Monas, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah or Ancol complex this time, as they probably have been considered too common as the new and favorite places to visit in Jakarta city. First, if you are a big fan of history, you might have to try the city’s museum collection. There are places like the National Museum of Indonesia where it stores the historical and archeological displays, ranging from ceramics to statues and even coins; in Wayang Museum you will be able to find a collection of Javanese puppetry like puppets, dolls, sculpture as well as paintings; Textile Museum is located in West Jakarta and it’s home to hundreds of textiles across Indonesia; Maritime Museum in the SundaKelapa harbor area in Penjaringan Administrative village, specializing in the collection of objects such as historic ship or any of its replica. There are still places like Joang 45 Museum or Taman Prasasti Museum, though. Well, admit it, you begin to find out the information about those places, aren’t you? If you are kinda person who prefers something modern or probably related to science, the Jakarta Planetarium and Observatory is there for you to visit. The public planetarium and observatory is located at art and science area of TIM (abbreviated from Taman Ismail Marzuki)

The list above however, does not end the excitement you are going to find in the city, there are still places to visit in Jakarta Indonesia after all. If you happen to bring your family on your vacation, probably it will be good if you take them to Ragunan Zoo. You can find the children’s zoo inside and more importantly the primate centre and the collection of Sumatran and white tigers. If those places still haven’t satisfied you or your children, try the Thousand Islands. This place is popular for its ethnic diversity and also the hawksbill turtle conservation.


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