Antigua and Barbuda – Caribbean Dream Destination

Antigua and Barbuda is a lively Caribbean country moving to the music of steel drums. It has so many beaches that you could visit a different one each day without repeating yourself for more than a year! These sun-soaked islands attract tourists and celebrities with its mesmerizing beaches, water sports and picturesque historic sites.

The island of Antigua was an incredible place to hide a fleet, with its warm, steady winds and a protective wall of coral reef. In 1784 Horatio Nelson, the legendary admiral, sailed to this island to establish Great Britain’s most important naval base in the Caribbean archipelago. But, the unique characteristics of Antigua and Barbuda had transformed this country into one of the top Caribbean tourist destinations.

antigua and barbuda islandsCaribbean yacht week, one of the greatest maritime events in the world happens exactly here. The winding, expansive coastline which made these islands difficult for outsiders to navigate is where you can encounter powdery soft, secluded beaches nowadays. Antigua and Barbuda are located in the Eastern Caribbean, approximately 17 degrees north of the equator. When it comes to the weather, temperatures range from 75ºF in the the winter to 85ºF in the summer. The humidity is low year-round with annual rainfall averages of only 45” and that makes Antigua and Barbuda the sunniest of the Eastern Caribbean countries.

The coasts Antigua are perfect for Caribbean luxury yacht rentals, cruising and racing with so many harbors to explore! You could spend a week cruising around this beautiful and picturesque island. In fact, Antigua and Barbuda are centrally situated for cruising and sailing in the Caribbean archipelago with good airline connections with Europe and North America. For a real island-style adventure, take at least a day cruise or rent diving gear. But, don’t think that everything ends with the beach; Antigua has lovely historic sights worth exploring.

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