Exploring USA through the Window of a Train

What’s the most fabulous way to see America? Have you considered exploring USA through the window of a train? The railway system of this country is rather hidden and even Americans barely know that it’s possible to travel around the whole USA by rail! In fact, that can be really fun and exciting way to discover North America! Continue reading Exploring USA through the Window of a Train

How to Get to Los Angeles by Air

Mesmerizing sunsets, bewitching beaches, top-notch architecture and mountain vistas are just some of the first things that come to my mind when I think about LA. Contrary to popular belief, Los Angeles is one of the most important cultural centers, at least in the US. The list of reasons why would people visit LA is incredibly long. But, first you have to get there! The most populous city in California provides numerous ways for tourists to visit, by sea, land and air. I’ve explored the ways to get to LA by air. Continue reading How to Get to Los Angeles by Air

Tips on Exploring a New Place

Some people prefer traveling to a place they already know; they feel safer and they can truly enjoy the moment, spend time with locals and relax. Others are adventure-seekers who want to explore the world or simply to see as much as they can in a short period of time while being in certain city or country. Are you somewhere in between: interested in seeing a new place, yet want to enjoy it to the fullest without being in a rush? If your answer is yes, I have several tips for you. Continue reading Tips on Exploring a New Place

Vietnam’s Attractions You Shouldn’t Miss

the mekong river vietnamMost tourists in Vietnam are attracted by the astonishing natural beauty of this country: from the Mekong Delta in the south to the green fields of rice in the north. But, with its ancient traditions and long history, Vietnam has much more to offer. If you’re interested in visiting this lovely country, there is a wide variety of wonderful Vietnam tour packages to choose from and here are 4 top tourist attractions you simply shouldn’t miss! Continue reading Vietnam’s Attractions You Shouldn’t Miss

Indochina – When to Go

indochinaThe charm and beauty of Indochina is in the unexpected blend of alluring colonial architecture, romantic pagodas, timeless countryside, the terraced rice fields and colorful market streets. Have you already booked your Vietnam Cambodia Tour or are you interested in exploring Southeast Asia on your own? Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam make a captivating Indochinese cocktail, but there are some things you should keep in mind before heading to your Southeast Asian adventure! Continue reading Indochina – When to Go

Avoid Theft while Traveling – 5 Tips

avoid theft while traveling five tipsLet’s face it; travelers are an easy target for thieves. If you don’t have your own tale of scams, dishonest taxi drivers, pickpockets, valuable things stolen from hotel rooms, you haven’t traveled at all. However, these situations can ruin your overall journey and leave you with a bad taste in your mouth each time someone mentions certain destination. So, what can do to prevent theft during our travel? Here are our top 5 tips! Continue reading Avoid Theft while Traveling – 5 Tips

Japan – A Mesmerizing Mix of Modern & Ancient

japanese foodIf you’ve read manga, eaten sushi and snipped sake, you might think you know something about Japan. But, as soon as you arrive in this archipelago of thousands of volcanic islands, you’ll feel like you have touched down on another planet. Japanese are welcoming and warm and they will make your disorientation pleasant and help you meet this fascinating land that thrives in mesmerizing contrast of modern and traditional. Continue reading Japan – A Mesmerizing Mix of Modern & Ancient

Antigua and Barbuda – Caribbean Dream Destination

Antigua and Barbuda is a lively Caribbean country moving to the music of steel drums. It has so many beaches that you could visit a different one each day without repeating yourself for more than a year! These sun-soaked islands attract tourists and celebrities with its mesmerizing beaches, water sports and picturesque historic sites. Continue reading Antigua and Barbuda – Caribbean Dream Destination