Berlin – Top Tips for Gay Tourists

Berlin travel tips for gay touristsBerlin is one of the most gay-friendly cities in Europe. In addition to the traditional gay hotspots, the city has much more to offer to the LGBTQ community. Berlin is an outstanding city that has evolved out of an unstable 20th century and has become one of the leading cities of today in all aspects – financially, politically and culturally. No wonder, it is a top popular city for gay travel. Here are some hidden gay gems that you should explore if you want to make the most of the city’s gay scene.

Long History of Gay Activism


Gay travel doesn’t only include gay clubs and bars, but also the history of the gay activism in the city. In 1918 a doctor Magnus Hirschfeld founded the Institute for Sex Research in Berlin which was burnt down by the Nazis. Several decades after that, the gay mayor of Berlin called the city “poor but sexy” projecting the city again as one of the most sexual destinations in the world. Berlin was also the place for one of the initial gay pride events in the world, being held near Nolendorfplatz in 1919.

Christopher Isherwood, the British gay icon made Berlin his home in the 1920s and appreciated the free-spirited culture of the city.

Berlin is gay all through the year, though weather doesn’t permit the amazing freedom of naked body, the FKK year round. For this, summer months are the best. In this season, you can see sexy guys in short pants, on bikes, lying naked on grass often in Tiergarten Park or reading on a bench. However, winter too has its own gay secrets as the gay saunas, bars and clubs thrive during this time.


More than only a Gay “Ghetto”


Berlin’s Schoneberg area has been historically the gay area, especially around Nollendorfplatz. Here you will find many restaurants, bars and other businesses run by gay people. It has remained the same over the years though rest of the city has been transforming since the 90s’ reunification.

Keruzberg has a great diversity of bars, clubs and restaurants which make it easy to get around in a tourist-friendly area.

Another area upcoming as a gay neighborhood is Neukolln where many gay bars are opening up, slowly making this area not just upcoming, but the center of the new gay Berlin.

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Party for Everyone


While Berlin is not really the ‘gay capital’ of Germany (Cologne is the one), the nightlife and cultural events here are so varied that there is something for every kind of LGBTQ traveler, such as gay and Jewish, gay and Turkish, SISSY parties, karaoke with a bunch of gays, gay Brazilian, lesbian punk clubs, naked sex parties, bearded hipsters, Madonna nights, underwear-only clubs and many others.

In short, Berlin is a heaven for gay tourists and you should enjoy the freedom this city offers to your heart’s content.

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