Bespoke Singapore Travel Aiming to Provide You Local Insights, Experiences and Culture

Monster Day ToursIf you have chosen Singapore for your next vacation, it’s a fantastic decision. This tiny island has everything for an ardent tourist, including a range of budget to luxurious hotels, scenic landscapes, natural and manmade wonders, friendly people and a vibrant nightlife. You can either choose to go on your own or with a tour company. Going with a tour company is certainly a better option if you are going for the first time. But it’s advisable to choose a company that will help you to make the most of your tour. Is there any such tour company? Yes, there is!

I am talking about Monster Day Tours who offer a bespoke Singapore travel aiming to provide local insights, experiences and culture such as Food Tours to Night Tours! How can you make the most of your Singapore tour with them? Let’s see.

You can enjoy one or more of the following tours arranged by Monster Day Tours.

The Fear Factor (Adventure Tour): All tourists are not the same. Some love lying peacefully in a beach chair or on a lawn and watch the vast expanse of the ocean or a mountain from a distance, while some love adventures. If you are an adventure-lover, The Fear Factor is just the right tour for you. Here you will get a chance to undertake some of the most thrilling activities including the challenge of darkness, food challenge, element challenge, reverse bungy jumping and more.

The Asia 101 (Themed Food Tour): If you are a foodie and have a liking or curiosity about Asian food, this tour will satisfy it with tours through various Asian enclaves in Singapore including Indian, Vietnamese, Thai, Burmese and Filipino and try their foods.

Singapore After Dark (Night Tour): A country can be best known from its nightlife. Know Singapore’s ins and outs with this tour and enjoy dinner, street foods, night spots, bars, local music, pub games and more.

Foodsteps of Gordon Ramsay (Themed Food Tour): Enjoy this gourmet food journey with celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay which ends up in his own restaurant.

Foodie Express (Little India) (Local Food Tour): Tickle your taste buds with the hardest cuisine to make – Indian cuisine! This is a great mix of several spices, several stories and several cultures.

Foodie Express (Chinatown) (Local Food Tour): A Chinatown is magical with the quaint and mysterious aura it has and the utmost delicious food it serves. This tour will take you to the mesmeric Chinatown in Singapore and make you taste the mouthwatering Chinese food there.

Plus Monster Day Tours have Cycling Tour, Free Walking Tours, and more. Consider enjoying your Singapore trip with them and you’ll thank yourself!

Monster Day Tours

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