Hanoi – Take a Slice of a Unique and Fabulous Culture

Hanoi_cooking_class_toursHanoi, the beautiful capital of Vietnam, is full of character, history and quaintness. The city has undergone the wrecks of war and has been segregated from the rest of the world by a government until as lately as the 90s. Along with its noisy streets and signs of rapid development, you can see layers of the past Chinese and French periods.

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Top 8 Things to Do in Japan

bullet trainHave you chosen Japan as a holiday destination for your next tour? You have taken a fantastic decision. Japan is incredible! The little country with little yet very sweet and humble people makes you realize what man can do while fighting with natural as well as manmade calamities. Japan is a country of industrious people and prosperity is seen everywhere. But it’s accompanied by simplicity, hospitality and humbleness, which is why Japan is at the heart of every tourist.

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Vietnam’s Attractions You Shouldn’t Miss

the mekong river vietnamMost tourists in Vietnam are attracted by the astonishing natural beauty of this country: from the Mekong Delta in the south to the green fields of rice in the north. But, with its ancient traditions and long history, Vietnam has much more to offer. If you’re interested in visiting this lovely country, there is a wide variety of wonderful Vietnam tour packages to choose from and here are 4 top tourist attractions you simply shouldn’t miss! Continue reading Vietnam’s Attractions You Shouldn’t Miss

Indochina – When to Go

indochinaThe charm and beauty of Indochina is in the unexpected blend of alluring colonial architecture, romantic pagodas, timeless countryside, the terraced rice fields and colorful market streets. Have you already booked your Vietnam Cambodia Tour or are you interested in exploring Southeast Asia on your own? Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam make a captivating Indochinese cocktail, but there are some things you should keep in mind before heading to your Southeast Asian adventure! Continue reading Indochina – When to Go

Top Things to Do in Northern Vietnam

simple smiling people of vietnamWith simple and smiling people wearing typical conical hats and lots of natural beauty, Vietnam presents itself as a destination every tourist must visit at least once in life. Having a rich history and culture, the country is adorned with ancient temples and other structures. Life in Vietnam is amazing! You may come here on a short holiday but will feel like settling here forever! Here are only a few top attractions in the northern part of this wonderful country.

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Kuala Lumpur – A Charming City Every Tourist Must Visit

PWTC in Kuala LumpurKuala Lumpur, the magical capital of Malaysia, is not only home to the country’s politics, but also a lovely city every passionate tourist must visit. The huge Klang Valley, bordered by the Titiwangsa Mountains and many other ranges, and the Strait of Malacca, offers this global city a unique appeal due to its natural and manmade features. Putra World Trade Centre is the most prominent landmark of Kuala Lumpur and selecting a hotel near PWTC KL as your base can enable you to access all the attractions in this dreamy city.

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Japan – A Mesmerizing Mix of Modern & Ancient

japanese foodIf you’ve read manga, eaten sushi and snipped sake, you might think you know something about Japan. But, as soon as you arrive in this archipelago of thousands of volcanic islands, you’ll feel like you have touched down on another planet. Japanese are welcoming and warm and they will make your disorientation pleasant and help you meet this fascinating land that thrives in mesmerizing contrast of modern and traditional. Continue reading Japan – A Mesmerizing Mix of Modern & Ancient

Vietnam – Learn to Enjoy Simple Yet Unmatched Pleasures of Life

vietnam tourVietnam has still remained untouched to a large extent in the typical tourist itinerary; but once you visit this country, you will pat yourself on the back upon seeing the unmatched natural beauty, culture and heritage that you might have hardly seen anywhere else. To add to that, you will fall in love with the Vietnamese people, because they are so simple and hospitable that you won’t even realize when you got mixed with them! Here you will find how small joys of life, like meeting friends, chatting over a glass of bia hoi and watching nature and people in their full bloom, turn into a big pleasure! Choose one of the many best Vietnam travel packages and head towards this wonderful country this holiday and you will never repent.

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Top places to visit in Sri Lanka

kandy Sri LankaTourist destination Sri Lanka is an island of diversity. It is a place which attracts tourists all around the globe. This peaceful island is full of heritage, tradition and culture. It is an island that is wonderfully magical and exotic. It provides a lot to its tourists, from magnificent mountains to beautiful beaches, ancient temples to emerald tea estates and wonderful natural landscapes to wildlife reserves, etc. Sri Lanka has hundreds of traveler attractions. Aside from the natural beauty, this tear drop island is well-known for its traditional values and cultural opulence that is easily revealed in its heritage, folk dances and folk music and festivals & fairs.

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Chiang Mai – the Capital of the Northern Thailand

chiang maiChiang Mai, located at the hearted of the northern uplands of Thailand, is both vibrant cultural centre and a lovely historic city, with a strong tradition of festivals, arts and crafts. If you’re looking for both unwinding your mind and self-improvement courses while on vacation, Chiang Mai tours and day trips are surely one of the best ways to start your Thai adventure.  Continue reading Chiang Mai – the Capital of the Northern Thailand