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If you want to explore Denali beyond the Park Road, you have to consider a few other excursion options—from jetboats to jeeps, and even golf or dinner theatre. One great excursion option is flightseeing—a safe but also thrilling way to see Mt McKinley in ways that only mountain climbers can come close to matching, Another is rafting, where you literally go with the flow as you move through the wilderness. Choose your favorites, and let the park open up for you.

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Denali Air :Season: May 15 to Sep 15

Denali Air flightseeing tours depart from a private airstrip just south of the park entrance, making it easily accessible to visitors. On your tour, fly through the heart of Denali National Park and all the way around Mt. McKinley, with everyone guaranteed a window seat. Listen to your pilot narrate while you enjoy the views. Denali-Air-02

Era Helicopters Denali

Season: May 14 to Sep 20

$350+ // 2 to 5 hrs

Era Helicopters has been doing trips over Denali since the 1990s, and offers a varied selection of tour options. Take a spectacular helicopter trip and then walk on a glacier or hike above treeline. Or don’t land at all—just stay in the air and soak up the views.  Kantishna Air-01
 Kantishna Air Taxi This is the only flightseeing company with an airstrip in Kantishna, inside Denali National Park. Because you depart so much closer to the mountain than other tours, in a one-hour flight, you’ll get 40 minutes circling the mountain. You may also combine a one-way park road bus tour with a McKinley flightseeing tour for an incredible overview of the park. 2012-08
 Denali Summit Flight A lot of people swear to it: the best way to see Alaska is from an airplane, and there may indeed be no better way to get close to the face of Mt. McKinley. This one-of-a-kind flightseeing operator—with departures from Fairbanks and Denali —makes it easy to see up close to the Great One without spending a great deal of time.  Denali-Air-02

Kantishna Air Taxi

Season: Approximately May 15 to Sep 15

$250+ // 1 to 8 hrs
This is the only flightseeing company with an airstrip in Kantishna, inside Denali National Park. Because you depart so much closer to the mountain than other tours, in a one-hour flight, you’ll get 40 minutes circling the mountain. You may also combine a one-way park road bus tour with a McKinley flightseeing tour for an incredible overview of the park. Kantishna Air-01
 Denali Natural History Tour

Season: May 14 to Sep 15

$98 // 4 to 5 hrs
The Denali Natural History Tour may not travel as far as some other tours do into Denali National Park—but in some ways, it goes deeper, giving you a vivid look at the history and culture of this pristine wilderness. If you don’t need a full-day tour, but want an enriching experience, this is a great choice.   The 4- to 5-hour tour, led by a driver/naturalist,  Natural History Tour-04-1429758103
Kantishna Wilderness TrailsSeason: Jun 4 to Sep 11

$165 // 13.5 hours
This tour takes visitors the entire 95 miles of the Park Road to look for wildlife and hopefully catch a glimpse of Mt. McKinley. You’ll make stops along the way; lunch is at the Kantishna Roadhouse, where you can pan for gold or take a short walk around the grounds before riding the bus back to the park entrance. Kantishna-Wilderness-Trails-01
Denali Tundra Wilderness TourSeason: May 20 to Sep 21

$160.50 // 7 to 8 hrs
The Denali Tundra Wilderness Tour will take you up to 60 miles deep into the park, increasing your odds of seeing wildlife and Mt. McKinley. On this fully narrated 7- to 9-hour tour, you’ll benefit from your guide’s years of experience and get close-up views of wildlife. The tour includes a box lunch and frequent rest stops. Tundra Wilderness Tours-02
Denali Backcountry AdventureSeason: Jun 5 to Sep 10

$169 // 13.5 hrs
Most people who visit the six-million-acre Denali National Park only see roughly the first dozen—or maybe 50—miles of the legendary park Road. But this tour takes you all the way to the depths of Kantishna—the heart of the Park where you have the chance to experience postcard-perfect views of Mt. McKinley. This tour makes for a full day—from about 6 in the morning until 7 or 8 in the evening—but it’s an adventure of a lifetime.  Denali-Backcountry-Adventure-02
Denali Park Shuttle BusSeason: May 20 to Sep 11

$27 to $51.50
This flexible alternative to the standard bus tour is a great option for independent travelers. Get off anywhere, spend a few hours hiking, then catch another bus back to the park entrance (as long as a seat is available). You can take a short ride before starting your adventure, or travel out to Kantishna, at the end of the park road.  DPR-Aramark-01
Denali Outdoor Center KayakingSeason: Approximately May 15 to Sep 15

$92 // 2 to 3 hrs
Imagine blasting through a giant wave and paddling down the powerful Nenana River in your own boat…without even knowing how to kayak. You can do it with the Denali Outdoor Center in an inflatable kayak—a durable, lightweight whitewater boat that’s easy to paddle. Don’t just hold on for the ride—be part of the action.  Denali-Outdoor-Center-02
Denali Outdoor Center RaftingSeason: May 15 to Sep 15

$89+ // half day to full day excursions
Glide down the glacially fed Nenana River right outside Denali National Park and you’ll see the Alaskan wilderness from a new perspective. Denali Outdoor Center’s trips let you go smooth and mild or rough and wild.  Denali-Outdoor-Center-10


Denali National Park USA

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The towering granite spires and wintry summits of Denali National Park place and Preserve straddles 160 kilometers of the Canada Range and show so much level they are often missing in the atmosphere. Prominent this sky line is Northern The united state’s maximum peak; Install McKinley status high at 20,237 legs and one of the most awesome destinations in Canada.

But it’s not just the hill that makes Denali National Park a special place. The park is also home to 37 varieties of creatures, which range from lynx, marmots and Dall lambs, to foxes and snowshoe hares, while 130 different fowl varieties have been identified here, such as the awesome fantastic large eagle. Most guests, however, want to see four creatures in particular: moose, caribou, hair and everybody’s favorite: the brownish, or grizzly, keep. Here at Denali, compared with most forests Lands in the nation, you don’t have to be a backpacker to see this wild creatures – people who never sleep in a covering have excellent once-in-a-lifetime possibilities to get a close look at these spectacular creatures wandering free in their natural habitat.

Not amazingly then, guests come here in droves; the park is a popular place, gaining 432,000 guests yearly. Over the decades the National Park Service (NPS) has designed exclusive visitor-management techniques, such as ending its only street to most automobiles. Consequently Denali National Park place is still the great forests it was 20 decades ago. The entry has modified, but the park itself has not, and a brownish keep winding on a tundra variety still provides the same silent excitement as it did when the park first started out in 1917.

Although years of Athabascans had came through what is now the park, the first long lasting agreement was recognized in 1905, when a silver miners’ hurry delivered the city of Kantishna. A year later, naturalist and mentioned seeker Charles Sheldon was surprised by the attractiveness of the area and terrified at the careless give up of the miners and big-game predators. Sheldon came back in 1907 and visited the place with information John Karstens in an effort to set up limitations for a suggested national park. Sheldon was effective as the place was recognized as Install McKinley National Park in 1917 with Karstens providing as the park’s first superintendent. Due to the 1980 Canada National Interest Lands Conservation Act, the park was increased to more than 6 thousand kilometers and relabeled Denali National Park place and Preserve. Denali now consists of an place a little bit bigger than the state of Boston and is generally rated as one of Alaska’s top destinations.