CityPals – Make Your Travel Fun with Hidden Treasures and by Going at Your Own Pace

CityPalsDo you travel alone? Or even if you travel with your buddies, do you need help to find the local attractions? And more than the popular attractions, are you interested in the hidden gems which only a local can be aware of and show you? If your answer to all these questions is ‘yes’, you need not worry because now you can find a local to help you out and tour your destination to you!


Now you have a wonderful tool named CityPals. With this tool, you can find a local person at your destination who can help you taking you to all the attractions, whether famous or not-so-famous.

find a citypal

When you visit a city with a travel company, you have a lot of limitations to get up on time, catch them for breakfast and meals and then catch their bus or any other mode of transportation that takes you for sightseeing. Once you reach a sight, you cannot go at your own pace to enjoy the sight fully, because you have to travel with your co-travelers, so, should catch with them and your tour operator. You have to take lunches and snacks at their specified places.

traveling with a buddy

If you are not very fond of these limitations and believe that the real charm of a destination is in going through it at your own pace and with true relaxation, but feel the need of someone who can show you around the destination and take you to right and fun places for eating and also take you to sights which are not mentioned in popular travel magazines and websites, CityPals is just right for you. You have to browse the tool and find a city pal in your destination. Contact her/him and plan your tour. Meet your pal at your destination and enjoy your travel!

true relaxation

Even you can become a City Pal for your city to help other travelers. Just sign up with CityPals and become a pal! Become a travel guide for your own city or any other city with which you are well acquainted for other travel enthusiasts and earn money!

traveling alone

CityPals is a great tool for those who want to enjoy a destination in a true sense, with true relaxation and not with a hasty travel company.

traveling at your pace

So, if you are planning to tour a destination alone, use CityPals and make your travel fun!

wandering alone

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