Don’t Miss Any Attraction of Las Vegas

las vegas nightlife and entertainmentNo doubt, Las Vegas should be enjoyed at night. But as you might believe, only casinos and clubs don’t make the essential parts of Las Vegas nightlife & entertainment; there are lot many things to do here at night. Here are only a few!

Take a Sunset Gondola Ride

As the sun goes down and the moon starts rising, enjoy being in a Venetian canal in a delightful gondola and enjoy a typical Italian serenade. Be in Vegas and Venice at the same time with this fun gondola ride with the Las Vegas Strip lights passing by!

Enjoy the Vista of Bellagio Fountains

A Vegas attraction you can’t afford to miss is the incredible light and music show with the Bellagio Fountains perfectly set to as many as 30 different all time favorite songs. It’s just eye-popping when 1,214 water jets shoot out 460 feet high in air. You will enjoy the show even more if you watch it from the top of the Eiffel Tower! Of course, you cannot hear the music from that height, but you can afford that for the outstanding view.

Join Go Play Vegas for an Incredible Fun

If you want an incredible fun, join the shows and trips of There are the Blue Man Group shows, the New High Roller Observation Wheel, helicopter ride, Dream Racing, Razor Adventures, and more. Each of their tours is a thrill-rich experience and you should enjoy it.

Enjoy Various Shows

Don’t forget to attend all the fun shows in Las Vegas which present world-class nightlife and entertainment. There are stunning acrobatic shows and a full lot of nudity (probably from the show as well as you). And if you are lucky enough, you will be pulled out from the audience and become a star!

Las Vegas Views

Whatever may be your view about Las Vegas, you have to agree that this city offers some of the most amazing and breathtaking views in the world. Catch these unparalleled views from various Las Vegas locations and vehicles like an open-top bus, a helicopter, restaurants, nightclubs, bars and hot air balloons.

Enjoy Fine Dining

If you are a foodie and love beautiful surrounding while eating out, you have come to a right place like Las Vegas. Here you will get whatever type of cuisine, like Asian, barbecue, buffets, brunches, steakhouses, burger restaurants, chocolate fixes, Mexican, pizza restaurants, tea rooms and many more!

So, don’t just limit yourself to casinos and clubs. Be sure not to miss any attraction of Las Vegas.

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