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Edinburgh ghost toursEdinburgh is known to be one of the most welcoming cities in the world and though it’s popular for its castles, festivals and the utmost charming environment, what fascinates tourists the most is its haunted tales!

It has cobbled streets, traditional pubs and abundant sights to explore such as Arthur’s Seat, amazing museums, the Royal Mile, Whistle Binkies, Giles Cathedral and more. However, what you shouldn’t miss is its ghost tours! And you can enjoy them the best with Amidlife Traveler!

What is Amidlife Traveler?

Amidlife Traveler is a podcast offering Edinburgh and Ireland vacations with packages that are half day, one day, two day and three day. You can search for ghost tours and listen to all their podcast episodes at their website.

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As a travel podcast, this show is unique. It doesn’t skip around destinations and spend an hour talking to an expat abroad talking about their life.

Instead, it takes one destination (first one is Scotland, next up is Ireland) and does a deep dive with 25-30 short story episodes (avg. 6-7 minutes each) that share the place through the voice of a local who lives there or a traveler who has been there.

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Whether you believe ghosts or not, the ghost tours of Edinburgh take you on an adventure that makes you aware of some of Edinburgh’s history and leaves you with an enchanting feeling. One of the most popular ghost tours of the Edinburgh is through the city’s underground vaults that were built in 1788 and used as workshops and storage spaces for businesses around the South Bridge. However because of the poor construction of the bridge, water would leak into the vaults and so, they were abandoned in 1795 and turned into slums and mainly a red light district. By 1820, the leaking worsened so much that even the poor people living there left. Today tours are arranged here to explain the history and ghosts.

Underground haunted vaults of Edinburgh

Another popular tour is of MacKenzie Poltergeist that takes you through Greyfriars Cemetery. MacKenzie Poltergeist is the most famous ghost of Edinburgh and was in charge of the 17th century local prison. After his death, he was buried near Covenanter’s Prison and in late 1998 a local homeless man opened his coffin accidentally and since then his ghost started haunting the area.

You can enjoy many such enthralling tours through Amidlife Traveler.

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