Fantastic Tips to Enjoy Japan’s Cherry Blossom Tours to the Fullest

cherry blossom toursIf you have planned a Japan trip, cherry blossom tours should be an essential part of your trip. Here are some tips for you on how to make the most of your cherry blossom viewings.

Japan Celebrates Cherry Blossom Festivals

In Japan, blossoming of cherry trees is not just a natural phenomenon that occurs with the arrival of spring, but it’s a festival. The pink canopies spread for miles almost all through the country make these days so beautiful and exciting; no wonder, Japanese people feel like celebrating this annual event.

Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan

Sakura or Japanese cherry blossom is an inseparable part of the Japanese culture. During these days, i.e. from March end to April and sometimes May, you will not only see cherry trees carrying the wonderful pink bunches of flowers but also many foods flavored with sakura, like sakura ice cream, sakura Coca Cola and so on. Even a train has been named after the cherry blossoms as Sakura Shinkansen bullet train.

The festival often includes foods, drinks, dance, music and many family activities. Picnics are arranged under the sakura trees and are known as hanami. Among these the hanamis at night are the most spectacular when the blossoms are illuminated with lanterns and it’s something you can’t afford to miss.

Check Forecast

Before you plan your cherry blossom tours don’t forget to check the cherry blossom forecast so that you can see the blooms at their peak. These forecasts are made by comparing the past data and predicting when the trees in each location will bloom. There are factors like rainfall and temperature that affect the blossom. So, the forecast is likely to change. So, you will have to check it often. Remember to check it daily so that you can arrange your next day’s trip accordingly.

Be Flexible

Don’t panic if you will have to cancel your travel or hotel bookings due to abrupt rain, cold weather or winds that may affect the best blossom spots you had planned to visit. You can plan a trip to another spot with the help of your Japan Rail Pass.

Equip Yourself with Warm Clothes

Spring in Japan often brings chilly temperatures and icy winds too. So, don’t forget to carry enough warm clothes.

Be Ready to Face Crowds

Keep in mind that the cherry blossom locations will be crowded a lot. Have patience and consideration towards others. Trains too may be crowded. So, plan your trips with sufficient time margin while hopping from one place to another.

Follow these tips and you will enjoy Japan’s most iconic event to the fullest.

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