Gatwick Parking – Your Car is Safe and Sound

Security Barriers Airparks GatwickIf you will be arriving at Gatwick Airport, London, in your own car, parking is your major concern. You have to find a good parking service, where your car will stay totally safe and secure till you return, and when you return you should be able to get your car back immediately, so that you can head straight to rest in the warmth of your home. Don’t worry. Gatwick Airport has a number of options for you and your car can stay safe and sound there.

Park & Ride

There are 3 park and ride services at Gatwick Airport that are the most recommendable. The Long Stay North as well as Long Stay South are official services and are easily accessible being situated onsite. You won’t even have to wait for transfers for more than 5 minutes. Another one is Airparks which is apparently an off-airport park, but it is just on the border. You won’t have to wait here too for transfers for over 5 minutes. Being a bit cheaper is its one extra feature. There is one more company named Gatwick Summer Special which offers similar services as that of Long Stay, but the difference is you have to keep keys with their chauffeur to park your car, while at Long Stay, you can keep your keys to yourself. Prices vary based on season and availability. You can make a comparison of prices on the day of your departure.

Meet & Greet

If you hate transfer process, you have a good option of meet & greet parking at Gatwick Airport. In fact anyone will hate the process, especially upon returning, when s/he is eager to enter the comfort of their home. The meet & greet services do take some extra charge, but it’s worth if you can get into your car right at the terminal and head immediately towards your home – much saving of time! This is also very good if your schedule is too tight to spare even a minute or two.

Security of Your Car

When you are away, you need not worry about your car’s safety. All Gatwick Airport parking services transport your car in a secure compound which has secure barriers, high perimeter fencing, CCTV and 24 hour manned security. Many of them also hold the Park Mark accreditation.

You can know about various types of Gatwick Airport parking at Gosimply Gatwick Parking and book conveniently through them from the comfort of your home. You can read all the information of them and reviews by other users, and compare prices, and then decide which one is best for you.

Security Barriers Airparks Gatwick

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