Head towards Bermuda to See the Spectacular 2017 America’s Cup

34th America's Cup raceHave you ever considered spending a holiday at Bermuda? Well, if you haven’t yet, you should now, because this lovely country has a lot to offer to its guests in the form of more than 180 beautiful islands, pristine beaches with its famous pink sand, the magical Crystal Caves and a lot of places that offer relaxation and enjoyment. However, apart from these attractions, Bermuda has one more highly popular attraction this year – the 2017 America’s Cup!

America’s Cup

The America’s Cup is a yacht race and is the largest international sporting event held every four years. It is a race between two yachts, one of which is a defending vessel that is currently holds the Cup and the other is a challenging vessel trying to win it for the year.

The specialty of the race is the boats racing in it literally fly over the water, because they are designed to rise up and glide over the water after reaching a certain speed. Only thin centerboards and rudders stay in contact with the water. This decreases the drag and allows the boat to reach the highest speed. No wonder, it’s a spectacular scene that any visitor to Bermuda shouldn’t miss.

Each vessel should be designed, constructed and outfitted solely in the country which it represents. Therefore teams build their hulls in secret in their home countries. Every team continuously looks for changes in design that might offer them an advantage. Also all the teams spy over each other to know what others are planning.

34th America's Cup race

2017 America’s Cup

The 2017 America’s Cup will be held in Great Sound, Hamilton, Bermuda, in June 2017. Bermuda has grabbed the honor by beating San Diego which has hosted the race thrice before. Another major change for the race is that it is usually held off the American mainland, but this time it will be held on the British island. The competition is 35th and will be sponsored by Louis Vuitton. The 2013 34th America’s Cup was won by Oracle Team USA who got to select the site for the next America’s Cup and they selected Bermuda to adjust European TV viewers with the Atlantic time zone. It will be a great scene when mighty yachts representing world’s great countries will arrive at Bermuda to fight in the competition.

America’s Cup was originally a 100-pound silver trophy which was placed in the 1851 competition in which the yacht of the New York Yacht Club named America won it and since then it was named America’s Cup.

America's Cup

The race of America’s Cup has no fixed schedule. It’s conducted when a qualified yacht club challenges the club that holds the trophy.

So, what are you waiting for? Book a flight to Bermuda to witness the historic event!

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