Homestay – A Far Better Experience than A Hotel

singapore homestay Nowadays the concept of homestays is getting quite popular among tourists and they are finding it far better than hotels. What is so special about homestays? Let’s try to discover.

Homely Experience

Staying in someone’s home is totally different than staying in a hotel. It’s not just that you are getting a room and a bed. The hosts are a family – maybe even a single person – and try to give you a homely experience.

singapore homestay

Local Knowledge

When you stay in a hotel, you may get information about famous spots from the hotel concierge; but if you really want to enjoy your destination, you should explore the local and interior area, the knowledge of which you can get from your homestay hosts. They can tell you the name of the best café at the corner of the road or a point from where you can view the best sunrise.

singapore homestay

Misconceptions about Homestays

The biggest misconception about homestays is it is only for students. Well, that was true in the past. But today, families welcome even pleasure and business tourists to their homes.

Another misconception is homestays may not be like a glamorous hotel – it should be simple and plain! Well, this may be true to some extent. But with the internet, you can watch the photos of the home first and choose the one which is stylish and glamorous if you want it so. Some of the homestays are no less than a chic boutique hotel.

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It’s not that hotels are unsafe. But they usually don’t take care of safety as a separate issue. On the other hand, homestays are usually registered on authentic websites which take every measure to ensure that both hosts and guests are comfortable and happy with each other. Before registering, each host has to submit photos and detailed contact information which are verified. Some websites also encourage to use a messaging system to ensure that both the parties are safe and sound.

singapore homestay

Reviews too matter a lot. Authentic reviews help others to decide whether the homestays are good, bad, average and so on. They help the websites to evaluate homestays and recommend them to tourists.

3House Homestay offers Singapore homestay services set in the forefront of the lovely Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, offering a cool and pleasant atmosphere all year round. At the same time it is easily accessible from all parts of the city, through a number of transportation modes. Shops, shopping malls, supermarkets and eateries are nearby too. They offer you topnotch amenities to make your Singapore stay delightful. Watch the photos in this article and you will realize that.

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