How to Get to Los Angeles by Air

Mesmerizing sunsets, bewitching beaches, top-notch architecture and mountain vistas are just some of the first things that come to my mind when I think about LA. Contrary to popular belief, Los Angeles is one of the most important cultural centers, at least in the US. The list of reasons why would people visit LA is incredibly long. But, first you have to get there! The most populous city in California provides numerous ways for tourists to visit, by sea, land and air. I’ve explored the ways to get to LA by air.

LAX Airport (LA International Airport) is surely the most commonly-used of all the airports in the Los Angeles area, but it’s not the only one. There are 5 more commercial airports in the LA area. Depending on where exactly you’re headed to, you should at least consider one of them.

LAX – Los Angeles International Airport is the busiest and the largest LA area airports. It’s located approximately 20 miles west of downtown, on the coast. For international travelers, unfortunately, LAX is the only way to get here. Although it’s served by the most airlines, it’s rather chaotic, noisy and busy. Another disadvantage of using LAX is the fact that here public transportation’s not readily available.

LGB – Long Beach Airport is located south of LA International Airport and it’s very convenient option if you’re planning to visit the South Bay, Long Beach or Catalina Island. LGB is served but many carriers, including low-cost Jet Blue.

BUR – Hollywood-Burbank Airport is convenient for downtown and Hollywood and it’s the best airport to use if you want to access public transportation, such as Metro trains and bus services.

SNA – Orange County Airport is an ideal airport for those who want to visit Disneyland. It’s less chaotic than LAX, yet offers all the features you need including modern jetways and terminals. The name comes from the town of Santa Ana, which is located nearby SNA (also called John Wayne Airport).

Ontario – For travelers headed toward the desert or Palm Springs, Ontario Airport is a good choice. This Los Angeles area airport is located on the east side of the LA metropolitan sprawl.

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