James Bond Island Tour – A Must in Your Thailand Holiday Itinerary

James Bond islandJames Bond Island in Thailand’s Phang Nga Bay came to limelight especially after the 1970 James Bond blockbuster “The Man With The Golden Gun” in which it was featured. After seeing the spectacular island in the movie, tourists were naturally attracted towards it and based on the demand, a lot of tours were started operating towards the island.

Even after more than forty years, the attraction and popularity of James Bond island tour packages by speed boat cruises, longtail boat and sea canoes have not reduced a bit and if you are planning a holiday in Phuket, Krabi and Khao Lak in Southern Thailand, James Bond Island should be on your itinerary.

Why the Name James Bond Island?

Ko Tapu and Ko Khao Ping Kan became famous as “James Bond Island” because they were featured in the James Bond movie starring Roger Moore and Christopher Lee. Director Guy Hamilton took the external shots of Scaramanga’s island in Phang Nga Bay and the islands of Ko Tapu and Ko Khao Ping Kan which later became known as James Bond Island. Since it was not a famous tourist attraction then, there were limited facilities available for the crew of the film.

Popularity of James Bond Island Tours

Most tourists who wish to visit James Bond Island come from Phuket which is just two hours bus ride away from Phang Nga National Park where James Bond Island is located. Along with the connection to the James Bond film, the island is an example of exceptional natural beauty which attracts tourists. And another good reason – you get a chance to pretend to be James Bond dueling with Scaramanga!

James Bond island tour packages

Ko Tapu

Ko Tapu, Khao Tapu or Koh Tapu at James Bond Island is a tall vertical rock island that emerges out from the middle of the bay of Koh Khao Ping Kan. It’s this interesting rock that is featured so often in The Man With The Golden Gun by hosting the solar panels for using the sun’s power and for powering the laser gun of Scaramanga.

Ko Tapu in Thai means nail island or spike island rightly called so because of its tall and rocky structure. The rock is around 20 meters high with its diameter being around 4 meters at the bottom and 8 meters at the top.

Koh Khao Ping Kan

The cluster of islands actually visited by tourists and where the beachside lair of Scaramanga was located is known as Koh Khao Ping Kan which means “Island with Hills Leaning Together” in Thai. Ko Tapu stands in the middle of this cluster.

So, have you included James Bond Island in your Thailand holiday itinerary?

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