Jerusalem – A Wonderful Blend of Ancientness and Modernity

JerusalemPerched in the Judean Mountains, between the Dead Sea and Mediterranean Sea, the charming Jerusalem is the largest city in the Middle East and one of world’s oldest cities. It holds the honor of being a holy city for three religions – Judaism, Islam and Christianity. However, apart from its religious significance, Jerusalem is famous for its colorful nightlife, historic monuments, premium restaurants and a huge fun element. You should visit this interesting city at least once in life and if you really are planning for it, I recommend you to take help of Enjoy Jerusalem, a Jerusalem visitor guide, an excellent website wherein you will find extremely useful instructions about Jerusalem travel.

Jerusalem – A Huge City

Jerusalem is indeed a huge city and merely a few days won’t be sufficient for you if you really want to understand it. It is divided into several districts, each of which is special in its own way.

Old City: The Old City and its Walls have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is an ancient town and it will make you fall for it with its ancientness. It also has holy sites for all the above three religions.

East Jerusalem: The Eastern part of Jerusalem is considered the capital of Palestine by UN decision.

West Jerusalem: West Jerusalem is mainly a Jewish-Israeli part of the city.

German Colony: This is a neighborhood of West Jerusalem. It’s a best place for unwinding, sipping coffee and having refreshments in restaurants.

Ein Kerem: This also is a neighborhood of West Jerusalem but is more secluded and maintains a village-like look. Surrounded by spectacular hills and dotted with cypress and olive trees, Ein Kerem has been a favorite place of artists and sculptors, whose numerous galleries adorn the area even more. There are many churches too.


Mar Elias Monastery: This is a Greek Orthodox Monastery which is visited every year by pilgrims on a large scale.

The Garden Tomb: This is considered to be the tomb of Jesus and is located within a lush green garden – an enchanting retreat from the hustle-bustle of East Jerusalem. Remember that it is open only in the afternoons.

Tantur Theological Center: A Christian theological society located in Southern Jerusalem.

The Palestinian Heritage Museum: Located in East Jerusalem within the American Colony Complex in a 200-year old building. You will learn a lot here about Palestinian history, culture and folk arts.

Al-Aqsa Mosque: This is the place which is believed to be the point from where Mohammed, the prophet of Islam, ascended to heaven.

These are only a few. There are countless beautiful places in the city which you must visit.

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