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Kalahari Plains Camp, in the Central Kalahari Game Source, looks out onto an enormous pan, limitless capabilities and Kalahari Plains Campbeautiful skies. It includes 10 en-suite canvas units with a sleep-out above each from which to enjoy moonlit or star-studded evenings. The main place includes a living room and dining-room with a swimming pool place and outdoor patio. Solar power provides all the electricity and hot water in the camping ground and protected fabric surfaces and roof keep temperatures inside the units comfortable.

Highlights –Kalahari Plains Cam

  • Some of the best summer wildlife viewing opportunities in Africa
  • Star attractions include the legendary Kalahari black-maned lion
  • Combine with the Delta for a comprehensive Botswana experience

Some things to do at Kalahari Plains Camp

First time to Africa

  • Hop on a 4×4 vehicle and track springbok and gemsbok herds, and their predators, like lion and cheetah.
  • Immerse yourself in the culture of the San Bushman people with an interpretive “Bushman walk”.
  • Spend a romantic night sleeping out on the roof, under the star-studded African skies.

Travelled to Africa

  • Venture further afield to the deceiving mirage of the pan and diverse wildlife at Deception Valley.
  • Watch the teeming antelope grazing, perhaps shadowed by a hungry cheetah or even a leopard.
  • Take a walk on the wild side and find the smaller fascinating creatures of the Central Kalahari.

Seasoned Traveller

  • Track a honey badger in its natural habitat on foot
  • Watch the fascinating courtship display of the Kori bustard.
  • Lie on your rooftop at night to listen to the calls of barking geckos and white-faced scops-owls.

Game Drives

Twice daily game pushes or full-day adventures take position in open 4×4 vehicles and instructed towards the periodic movements of the wild animals. As we are in a National Park, we follow the rules of the Division of Wildlife and National Park restricting off-road driving and night driving

Nature Walks

Guided wild animals walking take position in the morning when it is chilly. They are done within a 3km distance of camping, integrating two large pans, the dune scarp and the plains; providing an fascinating walking experience.

Bushman Walk

An interpretive “Bushman Walk” with employees who come from the historical Bushman groups of the position provides ideas into their traditional way of life through dress, activities and a short move in the immediate camping position.

Wildlife at Kalahari Plains Camp

Kalahari Plains CampHealthy wild animals populations are present in the area all year long, but with the coming of the summer down pours, the wasteland comes to life. A variety of flatlands game such as springbok and gemsbok meet in their thousands to eat, followed by lion, one of the biggest levels of cheetah in southeast African and leopard. During the winter season, the Kalahari is a common wasteland. Common activity is still easily seen, from the carnivores to wildebeest, red hartebeest and steenbok as well as small should like black-backed jackal, Cpe fox, sweetie badger and variety mongoose varieties. Some 220 bird species have been recorded.

What you can see at Kalahari Plains Camp

First time to Africa

  • The Central Kalahari has one of the highest concentrations of cheetah in southern Africa
  • Healthy populations of plains game can be seen, such as gemsbok and springbok
  • Giraffe stand out against the flat Kalahari horizon
  • The legendary black-maned lion on the alert
  • An unusual sighting of the nocturnal brown hyaena

Travelled to Africa

  • Spingbok dot the plains in front of camp
  • Ostrich in beautiful light
  • Leopard can be seen in the desert..
  • Pale chanting goshawk, a commonly-seen raptor
  • The charismatic honey badger, one of the Kalahari’s special sights

Seasoned Traveller

  • Geometric tortoise ploughs its way along the sand
  • Black-breasted snake eagle hovers high in the sky, searching for prey
  • Secretarybird strides through the long grass, on the lookout for snakes
  • Meerkats (suricates) on the lookout, springbok grazing in the background
  • Bat-eared fox shows off its signature ears

Kalahari Plains Camp Rates

Our fully inclusive rates are not just about the level of accommodation or the thread count of the linen. They encompass elements that cannot be counted or measured, such as exclusive access across nine countries to more than 3 million hectares (8 million acres) of Africa’s best wildlife areas. This equates in general to 3 000 hectares (8 000 acres) of private land per guest, creating a unique sense of seclusion, comfort, privacy and space. In turn, your presence helps us in the conservation of all these areas.

Kalahari Plains Camp offers a fully inclusive rate.

Our rates include:
• All meals
• Twice daily scheduled camp activities
• Park fees
• All local drinks
• Laundry

Our rates exclude:
• Scheduled charter flights
• Premium imported brands
• Champagne

Fully inclusive – Per person sharing per night Rates

01 June 2014 to 31 October 2014

US$ 586

01 November 2014 to 10 January 2015

US$ 732

11 January 2015 to 31 May 2015

US$ 776

01 June 2015 to 31 October 2015

US$ 604

01 November 2015 to 10 January 2016

US$ 776