Keep Your Happy Travel Memories Always Before Eyes with Photo Magnets

20RSAre you an ardent traveler and also an amateur photographer who has caught extremely beautiful pictures of the destinations wherever you have traveled? Your travel photos are a kind of matter of pride for you. They show how passionate you are about travel and also how beautifully you immortalize whatever nice you see, into your camera. Now, it’s time to show these photos to your guests and also watch them anytime you want. Want to know how you can do it? It’s through photo magnets! And this will be beautifully done by a website called!

What is the Idea Behind PicToMagnet?

The idea behind PicToMagnet is simple and it is, you should be able to watch your favorite photos anytime you want. Therefore get them converted to magnets. So, rather than taking out the hefty photo albums and searching the photos you want through them, you can convert your favorite photos into magnets and display them on your fridge, or any surface where you can stick them with magnets. This way you can watch them anytime you remember the moments you took them and live those moments again.

Why to Turn Travel Photos to Magnets?

You travel for joy. Of course, you may also travel for business! But when you take photos at your travel destinations, there are some or the other emotions attached to them. When you see those photos again, they evoke those emotions and you live those moments again – those happy, stress-free, joyful moments! And for enjoying those moments again, you should watch them again and again. But if they remain hidden in albums or online galleries, you will hardly remember to watch them once you get busy in your daily routine. But if you convert them to magnets, they will remain before your eyes forever and make you happy always!

Travel Photo Magnets for Your Home Décor

Travel photos are extremely beautiful. Besides evoking your sweet memories about the destination where you took them, they add to the décor of your home. They may contain beautiful beaches, mountains, jungles, animals and people, cultural events, delicious dishes, elegant monuments, and much more. You can convert all these travel photos into even 12” x 8” glossy magnets and show them off to your guests.


Instagram Magnets and Facebook Magnets

Have you created Instagram and/or Facebook profiles where you regularly post your travel photos and they have become tremendously popular and get great number of likes? Now you can convert them also to Instagram magnets and Facebook magnets.

Photo Gallery Magnets

You can also get your travel photos converted to magnets from the photo gallery of your computer or smartphone, so that you can watch them anytime without having to access the internet.

High Quality Photo Magnets at Incredibly Low Price

PicToMagnet is known for the high quality of their photo magnets. The photo magnets are printed on high quality glossy photo magnet sheet with the same high quality pixels as that of printed images. However, such high quality is priced unbelievably low, almost half of that of the market price!

Above that, PicToMagnet is offering a great 10% discount! Coupon code is PTMTEN. Don’t let this opportunity go!

Turn Your Travel Photos Into Magnets Even More Easily with PicToMagnet Mobile App

You can now download PicToMagnet mobile app and order magnets of your photos from wherever you are through your Android or Apple smartphone device. The app is easy to install and use. You can get your Instagram magnets and Facebook magnets, and also easily send photos from your phone gallery to convert them into magnets through this app.

Watch this amazing video of conversion of photos to magnets:

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