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visit to ancient synagogueSince many years, religious and traditional Jewish travelers faced major difficulties during traveling for holidays. Kosher foods are very specific and are not available everywhere. So, Jewish travelers were compelled to adjust with whatever type of food they get at the destination. Fortunately, now kosher tours are available for Jewish travelers with which they can get kosher foods wherever they go and enjoy the holidays to the fullest. These tours combine Jewish history, heritage and culture with sightseeing and thus are very pleasurable for the Jewish travelers. has an English speaking kosher tour company – Kesher Tours. Their aim is to travel across the world the Jewish Way!

Founded 33 years ago, Kesher Tours is committed to provide the best service to the English and Hebrew speaking Jewish tourists from all over the world. They are keen in planning itineraries to Jewish sites, places of cultural interest and beautiful landscapes.


Shabbat is the 7th day of the week and is a day rest – the day of remembering the 6-day creation of the earth and the heavens according to Jewish Torah. This is the day of refraining from work activities and taking up restful activities. On Shabbat there are special ceremonies, traditional Shabbat meals and Shabbat prayers.

Kosher Culture

Kesher Tours provide kosher meals all through the tour. They also book those hotels which are within walking distance from sights of Jewish interest such as synagogues, so that tourists can enjoy the special atmosphere and the company of local Jewish communities at every destination.

visit to ancient synagogue

Custom Kosher Tours

Kesher Tours can design tours as per your particular need, like a tour for your group, family roots tours, Bar Mitzvah tours etc. You can choose any destination and they will arrange a tour there.


Kesher Tours are specialized in customized educational as well as heritage tours for groups of youths and adults.

Kesher Tours are the official agent of the “March of the Living” which is held every year in Poland and thousands of people from across the world participate in it.

So, if you want a tour company dedicated to Jewish culture, activities and food, try Kesher Tours, and you will want to travel with them again and again!

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