Local Moo – Enjoy Your Holiday Destination Fully with a Local’s Help

Local MooHow often have you felt while being on a vacation that you should have known a local there, so that everything would have been so easy! You would have found hidden attractions, would have bargained with the vendors correctly, talked with other locals about their culture and life, tasted the true flavor of local delicacies in a local inn or someone’s home, would have come to know everything about your destination! It happens with all of us when we don’t know someone living in our travel destination and things become difficult sometimes – we don’t get information of events on time, of special foods, of particular interesting customs and many such things. But this won’t happen anymore!

We’ve got an excellent platform called LocalMoo.com that would offer you the help of a local wherever you go.


How Can Local Moo Help You?


When you are about to travel to your destination, just contact a local at that destination through Local Moo and ask whatever you want to know about the place.


If You Don’t Find a Local…


This is hardly possible, because Local Moo has their people in more than 50 countries.


How to Talk with the Local?


Local Moo has its own chat platform through which you can talk to your local friend.

chat with a local with Local Moo

What Information Can You Get?


As mentioned earlier, a local is very helpful at a holiday destination particularly when there are special events, when there are certain hidden attractions which are not given in popular travel magazines, when there are certain awesome delicacies which you can’t get in 5-star restaurants and many such things. Only a local can tell you about these things and you can take the real pleasure of the place. You can know about local festivals, concerts, theaters, operas, carnivals etc on time, which you may not otherwise know and may miss them.


What does it Cost?


You have to pay $9 per conversation. This in fact saves your money because when there is no local to help you out, you have to buy costly booklets or hire guides, that may not be fully helpful and you may miss a lot of things. Also, it will save your time because instead of searching for local attractions after reaching the destination, you can know about them beforehand by chatting with your local friend.

So, you need not worry anymore now, because you can get every detail of your holiday destination and can enjoy it to your heart’s content.

& you can become a local helper too and help fellow travelers like you!

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