Long Island – A Fantastic Vacation Spot

bus rental Long Island If you have decided to spend this vacation on Long Island, it’s a fantastic decision. The specialty of Long Island is that its North and South Shores offer significantly different scenery. While the North Shore features the majestic Gold Coast mansions, grand rocky bluffs, a relaxing charm of places like Greenport Village and a heaven for surfers, swimmers, sunbathers and sailors, the South Shore features silky white sands, revered Montauk Point Lighthouse and busy Nautical Mile.

Long Island has a rich history too. Before European settlements in the 17th century, the area was occupied by 13 Native American tribes. The previously agricultural island became famous for whaling in the 18th and early 19th centuries. Later wealthy Americans found the pleasures of saltwater bathing here and the fishing and farming communities slowly turned to be fashionable resorts.

Among today’s busy traffic and newly built homes, still signs of historic sites are seen in old village centers. The island’s heritage has been preserved in museums and there are a lot of parks, nature preserves, golf courses and fabulous beaches, luxurious accommodations, awesome gastronomic options and scenic landscapes for which this island has become so popular among tourists. Try Chosen Payments to manage all your expenses easily on Long Island.

As such there is an endless list of places worth visiting on Long Island. Here are only a few.


Gold Coast Mansions


To get a glance in the extravagant and plush world of Long Island, head towards the Gold Coast, the easternmost part of the North Shore, where you can see luxurious mansions, like Castle Gould, Falaise and Hempstead House. Built by the son of the railroad tycoon Jay Gould before being sold in 1917 to the Guggenheim family, the estate is now open year-round to the public. Enjoy the hiking trails, a rose garden, stables and a barn, an outdoor classroom and access to a superb mile-long beach the estate has to offer.


OHEKA Castle


Once owned by banker Otto Hermann Kahn, OHEKA Castle today is a full-service hotel. Weddings and other events are held here. It’s worth watching for its former glory still beautifully preserved.


Sagamore Hill National Historic Site


If you are a history enthusiast, you’ll love this site, home for 34 years to President Theodore Roosevelt until his death in 1919. The premises have a museum dedicated to Roosevelt’s life, apple orchards, a visitor’s center and the Sagamore Hill House.


Longhouse Reserve


A serene art sanctuary, Longhouse Reserve was founded in 1991 by the famous textile designer Jack Larsen in East Hampton on 16 acres of manicured gardens. The sweeping landscape is occupied by beautiful sculptures by eminent artists like Sol LeWitt, Kiki Smith and Willem de Kooning.

The best option is to get a bus rental Long Island and visit the entire island. So, go for it and enjoy your Long Island holiday to the fullest.

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