Tourist Hostels – A Comfortable and Convenient Accommodation Option

hostel roomWhen you visit any new place the first thing that you think is about the place where you will be staying because the place should be neat, clean and comfortable so that you can enjoy your stay. So you book your rooms in hotels and resorts which cover almost half of your budget. In the recent times, stay in hotels and resorts have become monotonous because every hotel and resorts are almost of the same structure in terms of the facilities and the services available or offered by them

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Taj Mahal – Make the Most of Your Visit

Taj MahalWhatever is said about Taj Mahal, maybe good or bad, there is no doubt that the sight of the monument makes you speechless. Perhaps there are more stories adhered to this iconic symbol of love than any other monument in the world; but if you see it from a simple perspective of aesthetics, you can soak all its grandeur in your soul and enjoy it from the bottom of your heart. No wonder, Taj Mahal essentially has a position in the lists of top places in the world you should visit. Here are some useful tips for you following which you can make your visit to Taj Mahal one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

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Vietnam’s Attractions You Shouldn’t Miss

the mekong river vietnamMost tourists in Vietnam are attracted by the astonishing natural beauty of this country: from the Mekong Delta in the south to the green fields of rice in the north. But, with its ancient traditions and long history, Vietnam has much more to offer. If you’re interested in visiting this lovely country, there is a wide variety of wonderful Vietnam tour packages to choose from and here are 4 top tourist attractions you simply shouldn’t miss! Continue reading Vietnam’s Attractions You Shouldn’t Miss

Indochina – When to Go

indochinaThe charm and beauty of Indochina is in the unexpected blend of alluring colonial architecture, romantic pagodas, timeless countryside, the terraced rice fields and colorful market streets. Have you already booked your Vietnam Cambodia Tour or are you interested in exploring Southeast Asia on your own? Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam make a captivating Indochinese cocktail, but there are some things you should keep in mind before heading to your Southeast Asian adventure! Continue reading Indochina – When to Go

Top Things to Do in Northern Vietnam

simple smiling people of vietnamWith simple and smiling people wearing typical conical hats and lots of natural beauty, Vietnam presents itself as a destination every tourist must visit at least once in life. Having a rich history and culture, the country is adorned with ancient temples and other structures. Life in Vietnam is amazing! You may come here on a short holiday but will feel like settling here forever! Here are only a few top attractions in the northern part of this wonderful country.

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5 Important Things to Remember for Travel Wedding Photography

travel wedding photgraphy annabel law productionsIf you are planning a destination wedding, it’s a great decision. However, it needs a great planning too. While your wedding planner will take care of the rest of the things, you will need to pay special attention to your wedding photographs. While traveling for your wedding, there is a lot of scope for beautiful wedding photos which is not the case with a traditional wedding. But it also needs some details to consider. You can see some fabulous travel wedding photography Annabel Law Productions has done. Their experts share here some tips on travel wedding photography.

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Avoid Theft while Traveling – 5 Tips

avoid theft while traveling five tipsLet’s face it; travelers are an easy target for thieves. If you don’t have your own tale of scams, dishonest taxi drivers, pickpockets, valuable things stolen from hotel rooms, you haven’t traveled at all. However, these situations can ruin your overall journey and leave you with a bad taste in your mouth each time someone mentions certain destination. So, what can do to prevent theft during our travel? Here are our top 5 tips! Continue reading Avoid Theft while Traveling – 5 Tips

Excellent Opportunity to Save Big Money on Travel and Earning at the Same Time

SUYO TravelAs passion for traveling is growing among people, more and more innovative ways are being invented regarding how travel can be cheaper, more comfortable at less price, more convenient and most importantly, sheer fun. Among these, a major effort is being made by SUYO Travel, a company striving for making travelers spend less and get more. SUYO Travel passes on the cost saved on expensive advertisements to their clients in the form of hotel discount coupon and other such heavy discounts, so that the traveler can enjoy the trip to the fullest.

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4 Great Tips for Choosing Perfect Shoes for Travel

perfect travel shoes at KicksvovoHave you experienced biting shoes? If yes, you know how it sucks! A biting shoe doesn’t let us enjoy any, means anything. We are totally focused at the wound on the foot which is swollen, becomes tender and irritating, holds puss, etc, etc. In short, the pain is unbearable. Naturally, when you are on a holiday, you won’t want a biting shoe. Therefore you should choose your traveling shoes carefully, so as to enjoy your travel to the fullest. I recommend you to take a look at the highest quality Air Jordans at Kicksvovo too, to find the shoes of your dreams. Here are some tips on which shoes you should prefer for your holidays.

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