Practical Tips for Arrival to and Departure from the Dominican Republic International Airport

Dominican airport transfersThe main airport of Dominican Republic is PUJ i.e. Punta Cana International Airport. Its specialty is that it’s world’s first privately owned international airport. It receives around 6 million international passengers arriving in the country every year which means that Punta Cana International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the country and second busiest airport in the Caribbean. It has five terminals at least two of which are for international passengers. Here are a few useful tips for the arrival and departure at this beautiful airport.

Arrival Tips

  • After getting out of plane at PUJ airport, a flight of stairs will take you into an air-conditioned bus which will take you to the airport building.
  • Arrange Dominican airport transfers well ahead of time and pay airport visitor fee. It’s because getting a taxi after you arrive in DR can be very difficult. At the airport, you’ll be bombarded by several people who will convince you to get their transportation service. In such a condition, it’s helpful to pre-book a transportation service. Remember that to enter the country you need to have a two blank-paged valid passport and have to pay a cash fee of $10 for a tourist card instead of visa. This card is valid for 30 days. Its’ best to buy it beforehand online and get a printed copy to save time.
  • Don’t forget to carry lower denominations of US Dollars. US dollars is a well-accepted currency in DR. Having lower denomination is helpful because it may be tough to break down a $20 bill for example.

Departure Tips

  • Get ready with your luggage many hours before the departure. Cross-check what you’ve packed with what you bought in Dominican Republic when you arrived here. Eliminate any chances of leaving any valuable items behind by doing so.
  • Make sure you paid departure tax. DR Law requires that tourists to the country should pay USD 20 as a departure tax before they leave. Often it is included in the airfare. But confirm if it is so with your airfare before leaving for the airport for departure.
  • Always ensure your safety. Follow common sense and don’t invite any danger. E.g. don’t display confidential information or the amount of money you have to strangers. Avoid walking alone in dark, lonely locations.

Punta Cana Airport is one of the cleanest, nicest and easiest to navigate airports. So, you have nothing to worry about and you should be prepared to enjoy your DR trip in a true sense.

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