Raya Island – A Heaven with Crystal Clear Sea and Colorful Marine Life

If you are looking for diving in crystal clear ocean waters and unwinding on pure white sand beaches, nothing else than Raya Island can be your next holiday destination. This is actually an island duo, consisting of Ko Raya Yai and Ko Raya Noi, located off the southeastern coast of Phuket, Thailand. Surrounded by clean and clear waters just as divers want it, these islands are becoming increasingly popular among tourists, especially divers.

Book a Raya island tour and enjoy some of the best adventures and relaxation you always want from a holiday.

Watch the Natural Beauty

Raya Island will show you awesome natural beauty with its picture-perfect white beaches, turquoise sea water and swaying coconut palms above the ground and fantastic coral reefs underwater. If you haven’t done diving yet, but want to learn it, Raya Island is a great place to do that with several introductory diving courses and safe waters.


Koh Racha Yai is less known to tourists in comparison to Phuket and hence it’s a far more relaxed and quieter place than the city. And the activity you cannot afford to miss here is snorkeling. You can do snorkeling here any time of the year, even when there are large waves. You are provided a protected cover to snorkel in such conditions. The water has a fantastic turquoise color, and is extremely clean and clear and full of marine life. Its depth ranges from a few meters to deeper. Snorkeling is provided mostly from speedboats or even from the coast in Raya Bay and Batok Bay.

Scuba Diving

With its sloping rocky coral reefs and plenty of solid coral forests, Racha Yai is world-famous for scuba diving. It also has an exciting wreck in Ter Bay around 25-35 meters deep. Experienced divers should enjoy the thrill of diving in Racha Noi, the area south Racha Yai, where the waters are much deeper and currents are stronger. There is a striking difference in the topography of Racha Noi and that of Racha Yai, as Racha Noi contains huge granite boulders.

Raya Island aerial view


SNUBA combines the excitement of diving and the ease of snorkeling and is well suited to families, couples and small groups. It doesn’t require a certification to participate. There are professional dive guides to accompany you and make your tour safe and fun. SNUBA is offered only by licensed SNUBA Recreational Centers.


Once you come to Raya Island, you cannot miss a chance of swimming here in the crystal clear waters, so don’t forget to bring your swimming suits.

Raya Island swimming


And if you just want to relax, the clean white beaches of Raya Island are great for that too. With less crowd and plenty of powdery sand, you can get ample relaxation here.

Remember that jet skis and parasailing are officially banned here.

So, what are you waiting for? Book a Raya Island tour and set out!

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