Taj Mahal – Make the Most of Your Visit

Taj MahalWhatever is said about Taj Mahal, maybe good or bad, there is no doubt that the sight of the monument makes you speechless. Perhaps there are more stories adhered to this iconic symbol of love than any other monument in the world; but if you see it from a simple perspective of aesthetics, you can soak all its grandeur in your soul and enjoy it from the bottom of your heart. No wonder, Taj Mahal essentially has a position in the lists of top places in the world you should visit. Here are some useful tips for you following which you can make your visit to Taj Mahal one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

A Short History

You may know that Taj Mahal is basically a mausoleum built for the wife of Mughal emperor, Shah Jehan. Shah Jehan got it built in the 17th century when he was saddened due to the death of his beloved ‘begum’ Mumtaz Mahal, and wanted to express his love towards her.

What to Look For?

Taj Mahal is totally built with the valuable marble! Don’t miss the delicate inlay work on the walls. They contain beautiful and colorful flowers and other designs and patterns which can rarely be seen elsewhere in the world. It’s commendable that even after centuries the freshness and beauty of the colors and designs is unspoiled.

taj-mahal beautiful inlay

Watch Taj on a Misty Dawn

Prefer to go there in the cool winter months, from November to January, and reach the site very early. The site itself opens at 6 am, but you can go there early and watch Taj from outside, from many points like Agra Fort, Mehtab Bagh, banks of River Yamuna, and more. Don’t miss to watch it wrapped in the mist of dawn on the backdrop of blue skies. Reaching early has another benefit that you can get in when it’s all quiet there and you can enjoy the elegance of the monument in the serenity and peace. Later it becomes crowded.

Another must-have experience is to enter inside the cenotaph and listen to the vibrations created by the air moving through the huge dome!

Taj wrapped in mist

Watch Taj in Moonlight

The soft moonlight multiplies Taj’s beauty when it reflects from the glowing marble! I don’t think you can get another chance to combine manmade and natural beauty anywhere else.

Shoot Taj at Sunrise and Sunset

If you want to soak Taj’s beauty when you go back home and also want to let others enjoy it, shoot Taj at sunrise and sunset. You won’t have to do much effort to make the photos look beautiful as the light will be just appropriate at these two times of the day.

taj-mahal at surise

Some Useful Tips

  • Taj Mahal is closed on Friday for Namaj.
  • If you want to know more about Taj, the only way is to hire a guide (as there are no plaques there). Make sure that you hire one certified by the Government of India (Ask for the certificate).
  • Don’t miss the nearby Agra Fort which gives stunning views of Taj and the incredible site of Fatehpur Sikri. A full-day tour includes these two places along with Taj Mahal.
  • Railway is the most reliable and fastest way to reach Agra. Taj Express and Shatabdi Express (from Delhi) are the two choices you get.

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Taj Mahal