Tanzania Safari Tours – Create Very Special and Wonderful Memories

best Tanzania safariIf you want to create some very special and wonderful memories of your honeymoon or a family holiday, one of the most ideal places to do it is Tanzania. And if you and your family are lovers of nature, animals, birds, flowers and butterflies, you would feel that you have stepped into heaven! Here are a few tips and instructions about Tanzania safari tours that will be helpful to you.

Tanzania Safari Tours: Accommodation

All Tanzania safari parks have various types of accommodations to meet the needs of every traveler. Here are some of them:

Mobile Fly Camp: These are private mobile tents, generally small and quite basic, which are pitched every day on a new patch of park.

Semi-permanent Tent Lodge: These are semi-permanent tents, large and luxurious, and are prepared just before you arrive at the site, so that you cannot see their mobility. Its benefit is that it can be pitched depending on the location of the migrating herds, so you can witness all the action. But it may not be private just for you.

Permanent Tented Lodge/Camp: A tented lodge is a permanent tent made of canvas. Most have solid wooden floors built on a concrete base and have proper bathrooms with running water and a flush toilet. They usually have a bar and restaurant which are fully solid constructions.

Safari Lodge: This is a smaller and more intimate accommodation than a hotel. It has amenities like swimming pools, guides, trackers and vehicles.

Safari Hotel: This is much larger and less intimate than a safari lodge. They usually don’t have their own vehicles or guides, so, you need to book them separately.

best Tanzania safari

And here are some of the most breathtaking places in Tanzania:

Serengeti: Serengeti in Northern Tanzania is the most renowned park in Africa. It is famous for its huge population of predators and the Great Serengeti Migration of around two million wildebeest. Featuring endless grassy meadows, Serengeti is home to some of the largest herds of predators in the world.

Ngorongoro Crater: A stunningly beautiful place, the Ngorongoro Crater is a perfect place to see the Big Five (Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Cape Buffalo and Rhino).

best Tanzania safari

Lake Manyara: Lake Manyara is famous for flamingos, tree-climbing lions, and superb scenery.

Selous: Situated in Southern Tanzania, the Selous Game Reserve is the largest game reserve of Africa and one of the most spectacular sites for watching wildlife. Traversed by numerous rivers and studded with countless lakes, Selous is full of lions, hippos, crocodiles, elephants and wild dogs.

Ruaha: Ruaha is situated in the heart of Tanzania and is pretty inaccessible, because of which it receives far fewer tourists than Selous. If you take the trouble to visit it, you will be rewarded with rocky escarpment and hills studded with baobab and fantastic wildlife.

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