Tips to Choose a Bed and Breakfast that will Offer You Full Enjoyment of Your Vacation

boutique airbnb hotel las vegasChoosing a bed and breakfast at your holiday destination can be a wonderful decision if your hosts are friendly and you get delicious homemade biscuits. Or it can also be a nightmare of sleeping in a room stuffed with antiques eating junk foods. So, how to choose a good b-n-b? Here are a few tips.

Can You Get Enough Privacy?

Vacation in a bed and breakfast is more of a sociable experience than that in a hotel. Guests generally get engaged into conversation around the breakfast table or in the parlor – which is actually a point of attraction. However, you can even enjoy a more intimate, private stay in a B&B that has separate cottages, private patios and detached entryways.

Old-fashioned or Modern?

If you are more into living in a past era, you may prefer a traditional bnb which may be a Victorian mansion furnished with antiques and velvet settees. The feeling of the bygone era may be charming, but then don’t expect to have wi-fi and HDTV in the room. In that case, choose a more modern B and B with luxurious furniture like boutique airbnb hotel Las Vegas where you can enjoy various types of charming suites with ultra-modern amenities and comforts.

boutique airbnb hotel las vegas

Your Idea of Ideal Breakfast

Relishing a scrumptious breakfast is at the core of the fun staying in a bed and breakfast. However, every owner has a different approach. Some may prefer to serve a light breakfast like yogurt and muffins, while others may serve a solid breakfast of eggs, bacon and grits loaded with butter. Some award-winning breakfasts at B&Bs are:

  • French toasts stuffed with banana and pecan
  • French toasts stuffed with apple cheese and Midwest berry sauce
  • Sweet stuffed crepe cigars
  • Lemon soufflé pancakes with blueberry compote

The best way is to make a little research about what type of breakfast is served in the B&B you are considering and whether it is to your liking. This is advisable also if you have any dietary restrictions. Many owners are happy to customize the menu as per the guests’ requirements.

Do the necessary research and choose a bed and breakfast that will offer you full enjoyment of your vacation.

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