Tips to Find the Best Hotel for the Best Holiday

finding the best hotelTravel has become a routine activity today. Obviously, in most cities, amenities oriented towards tourists are available. But this becomes rather a problem while searching a hotel for your holiday because there are so many options. Thankfully, websites like Trippella help you to shortlist hotels as per your needs and narrow down your search to make the process comfortable. Still, you have to first decide what type of hotel and amenities you will prefer. Here are some tips.

How Do You Define Luxury?

Luxury hotels and boutique hotels are growing all over the world. But the definition of luxury may differ from person to person and place to place. You may call a thing luxury which someone else would call basic, and vice versa. However, basically luxury can be considered as high end technology included in your hotel room like wi-fi, microwave, coffeemaker etc and amenities like spa, gym, tennis, golf etc as well as on site bar and restaurant. The most important, however, is the customer service. If the staff tries to give exceptional service by fixing the problems in your room immediately and behave politely, it can be considered a plus point for the hotel.

If you are a frequent traveler, whether for business or pleasure, you can identify the difference between the luxury amenities in different hotels. And if a hotel is not providing them, it’s unfortunate for it, because luxuries have now become quite basic.

While reviewing a hotel for luxury, you may consider 5 key points:

  1. Staff (cleanliness, promptness and presentation)
  2. Location
  3. Interior/Ambience
  4. Amenities
  5. Overall service

Reviewing Hotel Websites

Today you can get information of any hotel online. However, you should carefully go through their websites and read third-party reviews by real people. There are many reviewing sites where you can get customers’ frank opinion about the hotel and even photos. Don’t label a hotel bad if you read one bad review. There may be false bad reviews intended to damage the hotel’s reputation. But if there are a number of bad reviews, you should think again. Depending upon your common sense may help a lot.

Another great idea is to ask about the hotel on social media and travel forums. This will give you the most authentic opinions.

To sum it up, decide your priorities, make use of wits, discuss with other travelers and listen to yourself to find the best hotel for your best holiday.

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