Top 3 Features to Look for in Anti-theft Backpacks

best anti theft backpackAnyone will agree that your travel can offer you the desired enjoyment only when you are safe and nothing of your stuff is stolen. The moment you realize some or the other stuff is missing from your luggage, you lose all the fun you experienced so far during your journey and the whole affair turns into a nightmare for you.

What’s the solution? The best solution is to find anti-theft travel gear which is now available on the market on a large scale, thanks to the modern technology. Being theft-proof is even more important in case of backpacks because they are on your backside where you cannot see what’s happening. Here are tips to help you know what to look for while finding the best anti theft backpack.

1. Security

Check if the backpack has all the safety features. It should have RFID system. Radio-frequency identification (RFID) system makes use of electromagnetic fields to automatically recognize and track tags tied to the objects. These tags consist of electronically stored information. Because of this system, your credit cards, passport and other important documents can stay safe in your backpack.

Other security features you should look for are pick-pocket-proof pockets, locking zippers, slash and weather-resistant straps and body and grab-and-go theft prevention. Shoulder straps and also preferably a waste strap will prevent thieves from easily snatching the bag from your body.

Normally backpacks come with regular zippers or no zippers at all. So, you should make sure that there are zippers and they have locks. Also the zippers should be well-hidden and not easily accessible to thieves. The key here is to show thieves that you cannot be their easy target; perhaps this is enough to deter them from their intentions.

2. Features

You can get backpacks made from cut-proof fabric. Check also whether it has sections for your gadgets like laptop, tablet and other similar gizmos.

3. Design

The design of the backpack should be such that you can comfortably wear it but thieves should find its interior inaccessible. Wear it in the store and make sure if the weight is evenly distributed across your shoulders and back so as to avoid any strain. Preferably there should be separate compartments for each of your belongings so that none of your stuff keeps jostling around making you uncomfortable.

Make sure you choose a good anti-theft bag remembering these points and you can enjoy your travel thoroughly without losing any of your valuables.

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