Top 5 Tips for Choosing a Perfect African Wildlife Photographic Safari

Kruger Photo Safari with African MemoryIf you are a budding wildlife photographer, going on an African wildlife photographic safari may sound intimidating for you with a thought of travelling with pro photographers with years of experience and top notch gear. But the fact is that a wildlife photographic safari is not only for expert photographers. It’s for photographers of all skill levels and if you want to bring proficiency in your job, going on such a tour is essential. Here are some top tips on what to look for in a wildlife photo safari.

1. Customised Safari


Ask if the operator offers customised safaris specifically designed for photographers. Such a customised safari allows you to adjust your trip according to your specific needs and budget.


2. Best Time to Encounter Animals


While finding out about a safari, check which time they operate their game drives. This is because it should be the best time when animals are out. This is mostly early morning and late evening. An experienced tour operator knows when animals will be seen in their most natural environment and guests can capture excellent photos. Choose a tour operated like an experienced tour operator like for example, African Memory Photo Safaris. AMPS is operated by Douglas Carr who is a professional photographer and qualified field guide who has a great understanding of animal behaviour and so, operates photo safaris at the best times when you can capture numerous excellent photos of animals in their natural environment without disturbing them in the best light possible.

Kruger Photo Safari with African Memory

3. How Large will the Group be?


This is important because the more people in the group, the more difficult you will find it to photograph animals. Also if it’s not a customized tour only for photographers, there are high chances that other travellers won’t understand your needs and will disturb your whole safari experience. If there are only a few people who are also photographers or people with similar interests, you’ll have the opportunity to capture better photographs while under the guidance from your host like Douglas Carr about composition, exposure and creative photography to name but a few.


4. Learning Photography


If you are a beginner and want some tips on wildlife photography, a tour operator expert in photography can help you. For example, Douglas Carr mentioned above provides photography group tuitions and also one-on-one lessons. If you get such guidance, you can hone your skills along with capturing photos of your dreams. With AMPS you’ll also have the opportunity to rent and try different photographic equipment before you decide to buy a new camera. Renting equipment has many benefits from insurance to travelling lighter and if you haven’t got a fancy camera yet it will save a lot of money which you can use towards your photo safari.


5. What Season is the Best?


Also, inquire if the tour is operated in or out of the season. This is because the safari high season is normally to the end of winter before spring as the grass is the shortest and visibility is greater, although every season offers something different. Talk to your tour operator about the different seasons and what you could expect during each of them. That’s why choosing an experienced photographic tour operator is so important as they understand your needs and African Memory’s photographic safaris are tailored made to meet your individual needs and budget.

Choose the right safari tour operator with these tips enjoy the experience and make the most of it by capturing plenty of awesome photos.


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