Top 6 Bali Attractions You Shouldn’t Miss if You are Short of Time

Bali wellness resort Kopi GazeboBali is so full of beauty that it’s just impossible to list all its top attractions in a small article like this one. However, if you are short of time, this list will tell you exactly how you can make the most of your available time and see the topmost attractions in Bali.

1. Tanah Lot Temple

You might have been mesmerized with the view of this temple in the photos in Bali travelogues and indeed it’s the most iconic temple on this lovely island. It’s located on top of a big rock surrounded by the sea. So, roaring waves keep crushing on its base all the time. The temple is dedicated to the guardian spirits of the sea. It is also famous for the most spectacular views of sunset it offers.

sunset view from Tanah Lot Temple

2. Goa Gajah

Goa Gajah meaning ‘Elephant Cave’ is an archeological site located on the cool western border of Bedulu Village, 6km out from the center of Ubud. A courtyard full of relics, amazing wall carvings, bathing pools and fountains and a central meditation cave are all spectacular.

3. Gain Health

When you arrive at a destination so full of fresh air, wholesome food and delightful atmosphere, you should try to gain health. Fortunately there are ample opportunities for you to do this. Choose a Bali wellness resort full of comfort and luxury, and lose weight, detox, get mental peace and attain an overall wellness. Show off your health to your friends after returning.

Bali wellness resort Kopi Gazebo

4. Kintamani and Mount Batur

Mount Batur and Caldera Lake, located in Kintamani in the Karangasem Regency, are something you should not miss in a Bali trip. On the way to the mountain, you should also take a scenic stop at Penelokan. Mount Batur is a still-active volcano and has erupted around 24 times since 1800.

5. Tegallalang Rice Terraces

If your eyes are thirsty of greenery, Ubud is the place you should not miss. Here you will get the scenic sight of paddy fields everywhere. But while going up north from Ubud’s main center, along the road to Tegallalang, you will see the ultimate beauty of rice terraces. Also along the roads there are shops where you can buy curios and art pieces and also there are restaurants in which you can enjoy delicious meals while pleasing your eyes with the striking views of the terraces.

rice terraces

6. Bali Safari and Marine Park

This is the largest animal theme park on the island and is home to more than 60 species of adorable animals. Bus tours and animal talent shows are held regularly.

As mentioned earlier, Bali attractions are countless. But remember not to miss the above given ones and you will get the enjoyment you desired from the Bali trip.

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